Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yemeni Activist Tawakkul Karman, First Female Arab Nobel Peace Laureate: A Nod for Arab Spring

Thanks Nobel for opening up a new chapter in recognition of the unsung heroines who risk their lives to make a difference to our world. 2011's Nobel Peace Prize is a victory for freedom lovers/fighters and a big blow for tyrants across the globe. They're testimonies that our planet would be a better place to live with less testosterone.
Thank you all, you deserve this overdue prize for your tremendous efforts to bring peace, justice, freedom, equality and dignity to human race. My special gratitude goes to my fellow journalist Tawakkul Karman who devoted and continue risking her life since 2005 at one of the most dangerous place on earth right now to fight Abdel Salah's brutal regime in her home country Yemen. Your devotion and determination will embolden our fight against any form of injustice, human rights abuse, torture, extrajudicial killings & imprisonments perpetrated by tyrants & thugs everywhere in the world. The era of dictators is crumbling and Nobel's recognition of your fight is another red light heralding the era of freedom. Yes let's reclaim our birth-given rights to live in freedom, with dignity and respect by strengthening our fights against the dictators in every possible way. Let's say it loud and clear NO MORE: TYRANNY, INJUSTICE, HUMAN RIGHT's ABUSES, EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS & IMPRISONMENT, TORTURE, SUPPRESSION OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!! Yemeni Activist Tawakkul Karman, First Female Arab Nobel Peace Laureate: A Nod for Arab Spring


  1. atta wedza sebyti
    wat yuo want for Mels.we faigt to gives yuo fredom,demokrsy,brade evryting. yuo rite, yuo tolk...we knows yuo and yur famil.becarfle!!!!!!!!!!!all tererists amharas came to Etiopa we maks Abay dame.we knows yuo liv in Swden, oki stop now or we tel yuo!!!

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  3. Hi
    nice to see you on my page, but i have hard time understanding your gibberish which is the result of your government's successful educational policy:) next time, ask your bosses to edit your comments or send you to a good English school. on a second note, who're you to tell me to stop writing? I guess that's what you're paid for but just in case you don't know I live in a country where there's freedom of speech. You guys are scared of this Arab spring and that's why you're trying every possible way to stay in power but what you don't know is, the days of tyrants are numbered. Get prepared for the inevitable!