Monday, November 21, 2011

Meles, is your Daughter part of the ''Somalia Picnic''?

Somalia: Militants Vow to Defeat Ethiopian Incursion: Somalia's Islamist Shebab rebels warned Ethiopia on Sunday they would "break the necks" of their troops inside Somalia, a day after several hundred soldiers crossed into the war-torn country.

Semehal-Meles Zenawi's daughter
Ethiopians are experiencing tremendous human rights, prosperity, freedom of expression, stability, employment opportunities, bumper harvest and the like ever since you came to power and accepted with humiliation the ''new breeds of democratic African leaders'' a buzz word which was coined to you and your counterparts in Eritrea, Uganda and Rwanda by the then American president Bill Clinton back then in 90s. We're deeply indebted for these extra-ordinary jobs executed by you and your hard-working, selfless, devoted and patriot colleagues who continue to work around the clock to make sure we eat three meals/day, express ourselves in various manners and outlets, organize ourselves, criticize our government regardless of its perfect nature, and above all not only protect us but also send our brothers/sisters on picnic to help our neighbors who are in trouble and requested for support- as the saying goes A neighbor in need, A neighbor indeed. Our troops jubilantly came back after they received hospitable welcome by our friendly Somali neighbors and successfully accomplished their picnic in Somalia as it shows in the above clip. However, there're rumors by the likes of,, etc that
Ethiopian soldiers crossed Somali border to stabilize our friends' country who are in desperate need to which we don't have any problem. But if these fabrications are true, does your daughter Semehal who's studying at Stanford, UK but also took some shooting training a while ago, also included in the picnic? I'm sure she would be glad to participate in this once in a life time chance which has been only ''reserved'' to ordinary Ethiopian men and women. Don't you think that would be quite an experience for a young adventurer, fun loving,  young daughter like yours, as we see her in those pictures below? Please, please I beg you to allow your daughter, like the rest of - us-the lucky ones, to go on picnic and help our neighbors in need. I think it's time for you to stop treating your kids and children of your colleagues less than millions of Ethiopians and as second class citizens, at least that's the impression I've after seeing these pictures of your daughter and friends. 
Cordially your citizen

Your style reminds me my days in the jungle
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One of Ethiopia's Second Class Citizens
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  1. yes we r jeganu hizb tigrAy. wat you knows abut fagit. we can will alle alshebabs in one days. yuo wrate in europa, Malese is hero fore EThiopia. bacreful,

  2. shut up, you clue less woyane!!!!!!!!!your leba master and his wife and all his kadres like you are starving our pppl. hero my a#¤, afehn zega, tenesh ken neew yekerachu. our brothers will not die for your blody war.

    PS tedi: sorry for the bad words I was about to go but i couldn't help it but tell this idiot after i saw his typical blind supporters none-sense. don't discourage by jerks like this one above. good night ones again.

  3. WTF do you know about Meles? afehn zem beleh tekftaleh. yes, he fought 17yrs to remove the neftgnas like you to liberate Tigrawais, Oroms and many others. You write nonesense from your comfort zone...if you're a real man, you should have stayed and fight like a man. Zem belh chekchek oki, we don't give a damn. We'll take care of you and the likes of you. I can't believe you worked for ETV, you're one of those traitors who'll get all tehy deserve. Yehonk beshtiya neger timslaleh. ''the camele keep going on, while the dogs showt''Meles hahha. about the above looser...we know who's jerk and who isn't eshi. worgna hula, why don't u come and take part instead of complaining.

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  5. thanks for your comment...hmm the dad is dead but maybe the daughter continues his legacy;time will tell.