Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eritrea players' asylum bid fails

Either Tanzanian authorities are living in different continent which they're not or they're party members of Eritrean regimes otherwise everybody in the world knows what's going on in Eritrea. These kids are lucky to escape a modern day slavery from one of the brutal & ruthless dictators of Africa. Many of their fellow brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers are bonded for life and are being abused, tortured, starved, raped, imprisoned for the last 20yrs by the gov't who claims fought 30yrs bloody war to free them. There's no freedom of speech, rule of law, election WILL BE NO such things for the coming 50yrs according recent interview of Issayas Afewrik on aljazeera. It's beyond somebody's imagination why would the Tanzanian authorities think that these kids have no risks going back?

Eritrea players' asylum bid fails: Tanzania rejects an asylum request by 13 young Eritrean footballers who refused to return home after a regional tournament in July.

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