Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Talk to them with the language they speak

I think the world in general and Swedes in particular were too busy to follow what Meles & co. were doing to Ethiopians ever since they came to power 20yrs ago. It seems everybody was caught by surprise when one of their owns are on the receiving end otherwise for us this's nothing new and we reached at a point where such kinds of carefully choreographed crimes become part and parcel of our lives. Just in case you don't know: everything in Ethiopia is a one man show, we've seen that in the past: Meles & co. are the masters of atrocious dramas, they explode bombs in middle of the town and then charge the ''terrorist groups'', they indiscriminately killed peaceful demonstrators and then accused opposition groups/journalist/civil societies the list can goes on and the world was indifferent or too scared to upset the devil it knows. When it comes to Johann & Martin, it's the like a jackpot scenario to accuse and charge them. If you think 4months are too long for Johan & Martin to be in the prison without charges, just make a quick google search about what this tyrant did and continued to do to the likes of Birtukan Mideksa -prominent opposition leader, Teddy Afro-famous pop singer who was accused of ''hit & run'' charges a few years ago and later ''pardoned'', the prominent medical surgeon Professor Asrat Woldeyes who was accused of false charges and later died in the prison, opposition members & leaders as well as civil societies who were imprisoned following its massacre of 2005 after rigging the election and very recently in September he charged the outspoken blogger Ekinder Nega who's been going back and forth to the prison several times over the last 10 years, Reeyot Alemu, Wubshet Taye, etc etc. The dictator will make sure the world learn a lesson from this recent scenario by dragging the court hearing with endless excuses & appointments until everybody bows to his demands. By then, nobody even their loved ones would recognize Martin & Johan-if they survive the worst prison in the world at all. They may look physically fit but Zenawi's cohorts are very experienced in making sure these fellows suffer emotionally, psychologically and mentally by depriving every little things we take for granted. In the mean time, the mafiosi would be busy exhorting everybody who approaches him for release of the two Swedes. Meles has the audacity to say so because he was emboldened by the ironic invitation of Norway & Denmark; while 2 Swedish and dozens of Ethiopian journalists are incarcerated in Ethiopian prisons by the same criminal they cordially hosted. There's no guarantee that Johan & Martin won't end up like Dawit Issak if European countries maintain their on-going soft diplomacy approach which didn't work and will never as far as persuading tyrants to respect the rule of law, human and civil rights as well as freedom of expression. It never worked with Issayas, Gadaffi, or whichever dictator in the world. It's time say it loud and clear that the era of tyranny and impunity is over. Talk to them with the language they speak, because tyrants equate diplomacy with cowardice. When the tough gets going, the going gets tough!!!


  1. Our briliant leader doesn't deserve to be described by such hateful comments you make. You should be ashamed of yourself. He is also very democratic....you are I think one of those people who benefitted from the Dergue regime and do not like all the good things that are happening in Ethiopia....You live in your comfort zone and complain but do nothing to the progress of your country. You better think right!!! We will destroy all our enemies!!! You like it or not we are the winners and all losers must either admit they are defeated and work with us for the development of our country or face the consequences of their actions!!!

  2. hassas.yuo wrate, no werk???yes they are terrirst. ´zemb bleh lematkew nger tlfelfalh. we says to yuo stope.