Sunday, December 22, 2013

No Racists on Our Streets: 16 thousand Stockholmers

The rally was organized by Line 17, a neighborhood self-organization against racism and other socio-economic problems, in Kärrtorp in the south of capital with numbers swelled by last week's violence after a similar rally in the same place was marred by violence and attacks instigated by neo-Nazis. Representative of Line 17 group said at a brief press conference at noon that today's manifestation was more than just a protest against neo-Nazis but an overall rejection of racism as well as security problems. DJ pair Bianca and Tiffany Kronlöv in a short speech earlier in the day say
"It is too easy to say 'F you all Nazis,' we must together look at ourselves and understand the power we have in this matter every day."
 Members of the Left party made speeches and solidarity messages from Sweden as well as all over the world were read at the manifestation. The neo-Nazi group were vandalizing the area with Nazi symbols and racist graffiti recently and that why residents of Stockholm took to the street to express that such practices are not welcome on their streets and neighborhoods. Regardless of the cold weather, the atmosphere was jovial and an estimated 16-20 thousand people of all groups (men, women, children, young and old with different religious and ethnic backgrounds) were enthusiastically showing their condemnation against racism and fascism. The highlight of today's protest was that racism and Nazism are not acceptable in any forms and shape. The protesters said loud and clear "No racists on our Streets". Local artists staged performances while representatives of the left party and self-organized youth groups of different areas of Stockholm made speeches. A FaceBook group dedicated to this cause fetched nearly 20 thousands supporters from all over the world and #Kärrtorp is the highest trending hashtag here in Sweden since last week's protest. The protest against Nazism and racism was held under heavy police presence numbering over 100 officers.
Similar protest marches were held elsewhere in Sweden on Sunday including Borås, Luleå, Malmö and Motala.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

#Ethiopia|n Gourmet Goes Mainstream in The US

When Punishment turns out Carrier 
Ethiopian Recipes from Hiyaw GebreyohannesOh finally my prayer is heard thanks to Hiyaw Gebreyohannes, a young Ethiopian restaurateur and entrepreneur from Michigan - US. When he got in trouble as a kid, his mom used to punish Gebreyohannes with onion-chopping duty in the kitchen of his parents’ Ethiopian restaurant in Toronto. Typical Ethiopian, aren't we? Even now most Ethiopian men and women think that Kitchen is a "no go zone" for men; any ወንድ (MALE) who who remotely does something otherwise is considered ሴታሴት ወንድ አሰዳቢ effeminate. “Ethiopian men don’t go into the kitchen,” explains Gebreyohannes, whose parents fled the country in 1981 after Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed by a coup. “When I went out to play and lost track of time, my mother would punish me, saying, ‘Now you’re in the kitchen with me.’ ” But what started as a punishment

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Libya another hell-hole for African Migrants

"If an African dies here, it is normal. No one cares". 24 years-old Nigerian migrant 
"A male officer stripped me off to check out if I hide cellphone in my private parts". Pregnant woman 
I heard several horrific stories from Ethiopians and Eritreans who had stayed in Libya as a transit before they moved to Europe but I never expected these level of xenophobic and racist abuses fellow Africans including children and women just because they happen to have a bit higher melanin than the local Libyans. A report which was released today by Amnesty International shows these defenseless and helpless people are being abused, degraded, beaten, raped and killed by local self-proclaimed militias who claim to protect Libyan women from rape and their country from witchcraft. Oh no, how would a 15 years old girl

Ethiopian migrants return empty handed from Saudi Arabia : IRIN

I will never go back to that country (Saudi Arabai) 
United Nation's Organ IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Networks) reported today from the Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa that early 137,000 undocumented Ethiopian migrants deported by the Saudi authorities to date. This sad Ethiopian woman among thousands of returnees whose dream of having a good economic life and supporting her family was crushed by the Saudiziation crackdown last month and came back home empty handed and a lot of debts to pay.  Mohamed Yusuf, one of the tens of thousands of returnees, told IRIN that he left his home town in Ethiopia for Saudi Arabia a year ago at the age of 17, he thought life would change for the better. Instead, Yusuf's difficult and unprofitable stay in Saudi Arabia ended and deported back to his country. Yusuf says
"At first, I thought I was going to change my life and those of my father and mother, who paid for the whole trip out of their meagre income,"  whose father is a farmer in northern Ethiopia. However, the gruelling journey to Saudi Arabia and his stay there had been harrowing experiences, he told IRIN. 
During the long trek through Ethiopia’s northeastern Afar Desert to Djibouti on the Red Sea, he endured hunger and thirst and had to bury some of his friends, who perished along the way. On reaching Djibouti, he paid smugglers 5,000 Ethiopian Birr (US$261) to take him from Obock, on Djibouti’s northern coast,
across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen. From there he made his way to Saudi Arabia.

The majority of male migrants from Ethiopia follow similar routes when crossing into Saudi and mostly depart from Obock, although many also leave from Somaliland. Female migrants usually enter as domestic workers under Saudi Arabia’s ‘kafala’ (sponsorship) system.

Human rights groups say the system creates conditions for abuse, including rules requiring workers to obtain permission from their employer to change jobs. Those who do so without permission are considered undocumented and were among those rounded up during the government’s crackdown on foreign workers, which started in early November 2013.

Initially, Yusuf found work as a shepherd in a rural area of Saudi Arabia but decided to leave after two months because his employers refused to pay him the 800 Saudi Arabian riyals ($213) they owed him. "One day I decided to quit my job and fled to the city [of Jeddah]. And that was when I got captured by the police and put into prison for five months before coming here like this with many Ethiopians," he told IRIN.

There was no opportunity to earn back the cost of getting there, let alone fulfill his dream of a better life. “I’m confused and do not have any idea what I’m going to do next,” he told IRIN. "One thing is for sure, I will never go back to that country after seeing and hearing what is happening to Ethiopians there."
Many of the Returnees need Medical Treatment : IOM

According to Human Rights Watch and testimony from returnees, during the crackdown, Ethiopian migrant workers were subjected to beatings by Saudi police and citizens that resulted in at least three deaths.

Another returnee, Kidane Gebre, told IRIN: "After hearing this, my mother will be terrified and waiting for me anxiously. Many people from my home town were victims of this violence."

Many of those rounded up were held in makeshift detention centers without adequate food or shelter while they awaited repatriation.
The Ethiopian government initially estimated that some 30,000 undocumented citizens were being detained

and would need to be repatriated, but as of 16 December the number of returnees had reached 136,946. Of these, 84,721 were men, 45,157 women and 7,068 children.

Up until last week, over 7,000 were arriving every day, but according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the number has now slowed to about 1,000 a day. A further 35,000 migrants are still expected, according to IOM.

Six transit centres have been set up in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to receive the returnees and, with the support of government, IOM has been providing temporary accommodation, meals, medical services and a $50 transportation allowance to help the migrants complete their journey home. The organization launched an appeal on 6 December for $13.1 million to continue addressing their needs, but to date had only raised $1.9 million.

“As the number of returnees increases, the financial gap has further widened,” notes a press briefing from IOM released on 17 December.

IOM's Chief of Mission in Ethiopia, Josiah Ogina said the migrants included vulnerable people, such as the victims of human trafficking, unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, and disabled persons. "Many of those detained and returned to Ethiopia arrived in need of medical support," Ogina told international donors in Addis Ababa. Click to read from IRIN

Ethiopia ranks again Second Worst Place For Journalists: CPJ

Map of Imprisoned Journalists as of December 1, 2013The International Press Freedom Watchdog, CPJ ( Committee to Protect Journalists) in its annual report for this year released today disclosed that 2013 is  the worst for journalist worldwide and Ethiopia is one these places where the safety of journalists is under extreme threat. Our country again named the second journalist jailer in Africa and our competitor, Eritrea is clinching its first place by holding twenty-two journalists behind bars for another reason doing their job - journalism. What makes our country is unique that it is incarcerating not only Ethiopians but two journalists from Eritrea who were captured in Somalia during TPLF's military adventure back in 2006. The whereabouts of these two Eritrean journalists are unknown, according to CPJ's report. In the meantime, our rulers are denying that there are no journalist who are jailed due their profession; an insult to our intelligence. But, I still wonder why is my colleague Shifferaw Insermu, who is the longest serving Ethiopian journalist since April 2004 and whose whereabouts is still unknown to these days,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ethiopia: ’A Graveyard for Homosexuals’

"I won't quit anti-gay advocacy until Ethiopia adopts the death penalty". " United for Life's president, Seyoum Antonius

"I don't want a gay son. You are not my son from this minute. It is better to kill yourself than be gay." An Ethiopian Father

 "Ethiopia is supposed to be clean and holy, I felt like such a dirty person for having those feelings." Exiled Ethiopian gay man

Does Homosexuality exist in the Holy land Ethiopia?

It was last Friday that I came across with these terrifying and troubling facts on Newsweek ( one of my favorite news-magazines I grew up with reading back in the days). One of my followers on twitter re-twitted it from his follower with a subject-line: "Ethiopia is a graveyard for all sorts of human rights". Well,  I couldn't resist my curiosity but found out that my follower's follower altered the original title "A graveyard for homosexuals" for some unknown reasons when he shared. Anyway, I know the human-rights abuses is bad but the anecdotes at the beginning of this piece speak volumes about the atrocities, discrimination and abuses against Ethiopian sexual minorities not only by the government but also anyone including their parents in that country. Katie Jim A. Baker of the Newsweek should be commended for writing such a very detailed, well-researched long feature by interviewing the victims, various international watchdogs, governmental and non-governmental officials. Claire Beston, Amnesty International's Ethiopia researcher told Newsweek that Ethiopia wasn't on the radar due to limited resources and difficulties getting around the anti-advocacy law. "The U.S., U.K. and other governments give huge amounts of aid to Ethiopia while remaining tight-lipped about the extensive violations of human rights happening throughout the country," Beston said. According to Pew Global Attitudes Study conducted in 2007, ninety-seven percent of Ethiopians would like homosexuality to be outlawed in the country. Honestly, I wasn't really surprised when I read this statistics because I know homophobia is highly prevalent due to patriarchy, centuries old cultural and religious beliefs and deep rooted ignorance. Katie explored these phenomenon in her writing; it's not uncommon to hear derogatory, sexist, bigoted and stereotyped comments against LGBT groups by highly educated Ethiopians at home and abroad.
 Ethiopian LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) activists to home and abroad to shade lights about the plights these minorities. International human right groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have published reports in the past but were surprised that Katie was able to conduct with members of Ethiopian LGBT groups and warned her to check up on sources after the story comes, because "

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Remembering December 13th: The Anuaks Massacre

Let us take this day of sorrow and make it a day of healing among all peace-loving Ethiopians

imageAnuak Council, a diaspora based advocacy group sent a letter to all Ethiopians to take December 13, where over four hundred innocent civilian Anuak were mascaraed by TPLF/EPRDF soliders,  a day of sorrow and make it a day of healing. The letter sent by representative to ECADF ( Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum), a diaspora opposition website that the tenth anniversary of the brutal massacre of 424 unarmed Anuak in Gambella, region of Ethiopia by Ethiopian National Defense Forces armed with guns and militia groups armed with machetes. Not just the families of the victims, but all Anuak, will forever remember that dark day that brought so many pains, tears and suffering.  Even after ten years, some widows, some fathers, some mothers and children are still waiting to bury their loved ones properly. Some day their bodies, which were buried in mass graves, will be exhumed and buried with proper respect by their families and loved ones. Some day a memorial of remembrance may be erected in Gambella in their honor, to remind people that behind every name on that memorial, is a human life, given as a precious gift from God, our Creator. Such memorials may be erected all over Ethiopia where innocent lives of Ethiopians have been taken. Some day, a large monument—a wall of shame—could be erected in Addis Ababa with the names of the Anuak and the names of all other people throughout Ethiopia who have lost their lives at the hands of the TPLF/EPRDF regime that devalues human life. The letter stated that on this Anuak Memorial Day, Anuak in Gambella cannot join with Anuak in the Diaspora in observing the day. It is prohibited by the TPLF/EPRDF regime. Instead, they will have to look forward to the day they will be able to join together in a service such as the ones being held in Minnesota, Kenya, South Sudan and in other cities where there are Anuak where they are free to remember the death of more than 1500 other Anuak who were killed in the next two years following the December massacre. Because public mourning is not allowed, those who want to remember family members, friends and community members who died, must quietly carry out some kind of observances within their homes and hearts. To read more click here.

To live in Saudi is to cry every day: Ethiopian Returnee

"They took our money, they took our belongings and there are people who have died," Kamer Hajji
"They took my money, they didn't even give me food to eat." 25 years old Ethiopian woman 
 These are some the horrific recounts of thousands of Ethiopian returnees from Saudi-Arabia who were abused, degraded and traumatized by the country's sadistic security officers and vigilante young men. They had been through a lot of an unimaginable circumstances since the oil-rich middle-eastern country started Saudization, a crackdown against migrant workers, last month. Here is what

Jenny Vaughan of AFP (Agence France Presse) who reported 2 days ago from Addis Ababa that when Ethiopia started repatriating tens of thousands of Ethiopian migrant workers who were rounded up by Saudi officials last month, 30 thousand were expected to return.

Today, four times that amount have been repatriated with numbers still swelling daily straining agencies to support one of the largest human airlift operations in recent history.

Maj. Gen. Yohannes Gebremeskel & his Rugs to Rich Mistress

Behind every Great Fortune in Ethiopia there's TPLF I mean a CRIME
Ladies Gentlemen and others:) Let me introduce you one of Ethiopia's Nouveau riche who make our country as " African Lion" with fastest creation of Millionaires. Her name is Miss Hawa, a few years before she met; became second wife and  gave birth a child to GeneralYohannes Gebremeskel (Head of Mission and Force Commander of the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA); she was just an ordinary Khat (Class C stimulant drug leaves) retailer. According to Ethiopian Satellite Television ESAT's top placed sources within the Somali Regional State Administration of Ethiopia in Jigjiga, Miss Hawa is currently one of the richest people in  Somali region. It is common knowledge that  when top officials of the Ethiopian Defense Forces come to the Region, they engage in a large scale wealth accrual together with the officials of the Regional State. The two lovebirds (i.e General Yohannes and Miss Hawa) met  when he was a Colonel as the Head the Western Gode Zone. Yohnnes had helped Hawa amass over 100 million Birr ( over $ 5 million)   by letting her company subcontract the Canal Cleaning bid that the National Defense Force was made to win. The story doesn't stop there, as the love affair between the General and Hawa grew, she even went to the extent of harassing and threatening the Region’s tax officers and clearing herself from taxation.
Hawa has built two big buildings in Jigjiga with her lover, General Yohannes. In addition to this, she has been allowed to handle other projects in the Region that are worth hundreds of millions. Some of the projects include the Kabri Dehar Water Provision, Degehabur Water Provision, Jigjiga Teachers Training Expansion, Regional Education Bureau Project, Modern Meeting Hall, and other expensive buildings. Although Hawa is at the forefront of managing the wealth, sources say, it is General Yohannes who controls the construction of the region’s projects.
General Yohannes has built a very modern apartment building in Bole Medhanealem area in Addis Abeba.

በጅዳ ቆንስል በር ውላ የምታድረው እህት ክራሞት…

Ethiopian woman in Saudi Arabia, Jiddah Ethiopian embassy ይህችን እህት በጅዳ ቆንስል መስሪያ ቤት በር ተቀምጣ  ለአንድ ሳምንት እንዳያት  ነቢዩ  ሲራክ የተባለው እና በዛው ከተማ የሚኖር ኢትዮጵያዊ ይናገራል። አልፎ አልፎ  ሊያነጋግራት  ቢሞክርም መልስ አትሰጥም። መጀመሪያ ያያት ቀን አካባቢ ከስራ ለተፈናቀሉ እህቶች አነሰም በዛ መጠለያ እያለ ፣ ለምን በር ላይ ትሆናለች ብሎ የጠየቃቸው የቆንስሉ ጸጥታ አስከባሪ “አንተየ የዚህች እህት ጉዳይ አስቸጋሪ ነው ። ከመጠለያው ብዙ ቆይታለች ፣ አሁን በር ላይ የሆነችው ሃገር ቤት ለመሄድ ወረቀቷ አልቆ እያለ “ሃገር ቤት አልሄድም!” በማለቷ እነረደሆነ ነግረውታል ። “በመጠለያው የነበሩት ሰነዳቸው ባሳር በመከራ አልቆ ሲሸኙ ወደ ሃገር ቤት አልሸኝም ብላ ረብሻ ከማንሳት አልፎ ከተዘጋጀው መኪና ወርዳ ይህን የምታየው ሚኒባስ መስታውት ሰብራዋለች! ከዚያን ቀን ወዲህ አትበላም አትጠጣም ፣ እኛንም የገረመን ይሄ ነው። ምን ታደርጋለህ! ” ነበር ያሉት እኝህ የቆንስሉ ጸጥታ አስከባሪ ሲራክ ይህ ከተነገረው “ወዲህ ሃገር ቤት አልገባም!” ያለችው እህት ለቀናት በቆንስሉ በር  እንዳልጠፋች ይናገራል። ከተቀመጠችበት ወንበር ጀርባ ባለው ግድግዳ “ህጋዊ ሰነድ የሌላችሁ እና የወጣውን የሳውዲ ህግ መስፈርት የማታሟሉ ወደ ሃገር ግቡ !” የሚለው የቆንስል ማስታወቂያ ይታያል ። ከአጠገቧ በፕላስቲክ ኪስ የታጨቀ ጓዟን አስቀምጣ ፣ በሆዷ ቁርአን ታቅፋ አንገቷን ከመድፋት ባለፈ በአካባቢው አዛን ስትሰማ የዘወትር ጸሎቷን (ሰላቷን) ወንበሯን ፈቀቅ አድርጋ እንደምትሰግድ አንድ ዘወትር እንቅስቃሴዋን የሚከታተል የሲራክ ወዳጅ  አጫውቶታል… እንዲህ ሆና  ኩርምት ብላ ውላ ታድራለች! ቀን ጸሃይ ሲወቃት ፣ ማታ ወበቁ ይፈራረቅባታል። ሲራክ ካያት ቀን ጀምሮ ወደ መጠለያው እንድትገባ ከብዙ ሰዎች ጋር ሆነው ቢማጸኗትም  እንዳልተሳካላቸው  ነው የሚናገረው። ከሃገሯ በጤና የመጣችው እህት ችግር ውጋቷን እነሲራክ እንድታጋራቸው  ሲጠይቋት አትመልስም። ወደ ሃገር ቤት እንድትገባ በጅዳ ቆንስል ልትሸኝ ቢሞከርም አልተሳካም። የ”ሃገር ቤት ግቢ!” ” አልገባም!” አለ መግባባት ፍርሻ ከመምጣቱ በፊት አንዳንዴ ኦሮምኛና ብዙ ጊዜ ግን የተሰባበረ አረብኛ እየቀላቀለች መናገር ይቀናት እንደነበር አንድ “በመጠለያው እያለች  አውቃታለሁ።” ያሉ ወንድም ለሲራክ አጫውተውታል። ያን ሰሞን ወደ መጠለያው እንድትገባ ተለምና ብትገባም በመጠለያው ውስጥ ካሉ ግፉአን ጋር ግብ ግብ ፈጥራ መውጣቷን ይነገራል።
ይዚህች ግፉዕ እህት ሰላም የነሳና አዕሮዋን ያወከ የውስጥ ህመም ሚስጥር አይታወቅም። ትሰማለች ፣ ለመናገር አልፈቀደችም።  አንድም ቀን በር ላይ ውሎዋ ትንፍሽ ብላ ስትናገር ሲራክ እስከ ዛሬ እንዳልሰማት ይገልጻል። ውስጧ እንጅ ውጭ አካሏ የተጎዳ አይመስልም! ከሁሉም የሚገርመው ይህች እህት ጤናዋ ታውኮ እንኳ ሃገር ቤት ከወገኖቿ ጋር መቀላቀል ሞት መስሏታል።  ሲራክ  እንዲህ በማለት እይታውን ይደመድማል "ሌላው አስገራሚ ሂደት የዚህችን መልከ መልካም እጣ ፈንታ የምንመለከትም ህጋዊ ሰነድ የሌለን ብዙዎች የሳውዲን መንግስት የምህረት ቀቢጸ-ተስፋ ሰንቀን ጤናችን ተጠብቆ እያለ” በሰላም ሃገር ቤት ግቡ!” የሚለውን የመንግስትና የወገን ምክር መቀበል አቅቶናል! እንዴት ነው ነገሩ …?
አንድየ ይታረቀን ከማለት ባሻገር ምን ይባላል :) ብቻ እሱ ያቅልለው እንጅ የሚሰማ የሚታየው ይከብዳል ! … ያማል … ያማል!" በጣም ያማል። እናመሰግናለን ሲራክ ስላካፈልከን፡እባካችሁ የዝህችን ወገናችንን   ቤተሰብም ሆነ ዘመድ ወይም  የቅርብ ጓደኛ  የምታውቁ ካላችሁ ያለችበትን ሁኔታ በማሳወቅ ህይወቷ አስከፊ አደጋ ላይ ከመውደቁ በፊት ወገናዊ  ትብብራችሁ አይለየን።

Friday, December 13, 2013

“Liyuu Police” massacred 60 innocent Somalis in border town of Ethiopia

Harar24, a Mogadishu based  online news outlet, alleged that troops belonging to the “Liyuu Police” (a local notorious militia) who come under the Ethiopian administration in Somali region of Ethiopia have came under accusation of massacring almost sixty ethnic Somalis in the cities of Mustahil and Qalafo on the border Somali-Ethiopian border.
According to local sources the Jigjiga based administration accused the local inhabitants of harboring and providing a safe haven to Al-Shabaab members in the area, a claim denied by the local inhabitants. A local tribal leader Omar Sheekh Yusuf alleged that all of those who were killed were innocent people, the majority of them being herders.
Ethiopia’s “Liyuu Police” massacre innocent Somalis in border townAccording to Somali Member of Parliament Ali Abdi Ali, who originally hails from the area surrounding Mustahil and Qalafe  confirmed the occurrence of the massacre at Mustahil and Qalafe. “We have confirmation that the forces belonging to the Liyuu Police massacred innocent herders in the areas surrounding Mustahil and Qalafe. The Jigjiga based Ethiopian administration was behind this massacre and this is a fact.”
Sources in the region alleged that systematic rape also took place alongside the killings. “They came and started shooting in the air. They rounded us up, my mother and sisters and they raped us. When they left we found my father dead. My brother was not found amongst the dead bodies. We don’t know where he is.” said one of the victims who preferred to keep her identity hidden for fear of repercussion.
The “Liyuu Police” and the Ethiopian administration have long been accused of ruthlessness, lawlessness, cracking down on ethnic Somalis in the region and violating human rights yet remain apprehended. It's to be recalled that the state sponsored terrorism of Liyuu police were published by this blogger following a revelation of a smuggled video on Swedish National Television by former official of this region  

Watchdog confirms Abuse targeted against Ethnic Amharas in Ethiopia

Ethnic Apartheid in the making 

The Ethiopian Satellite Television ESAT  reported that Ethiopia's independent Watchdog The Human
Rights Congress (HRC) of Ethiopia has confirmed that human rights and physical abuses have been
committed against thousands of Ethiopians who have been evicted from different zones of the Benishangul-Gumuz region for belonging to the “Amhara ethnic origin”.
HRC also stated that around 10, 000 citizens residing in the region have been told that they were not “natives of the region” and were forcefully evicted from the region as of April 23, 2013.
The Congress has also stated that it has confirmed from the complaints and testimonies of the representatives of the evictees that children and women, females and the helpless have been going through enormous predicament due to lack of adequate food and drink.
It also stated that it had been able to investigate the scale of the problem and the general situation of the evictees. The report states that the evictees are currently in a difficult situation and for example in some areas such as the Kamashe Zone; the properties of the returnees have been confiscated making it impossible for the returnees to restart their life.
Criminalization of Amharic Speakers 
HRC’s investigators have been able to confirm from the words of the victims that their ethnic origin has been mentioned as a reason and they have been refused and discriminated access to credits, seeds and fertilizers.
The number of evictees from the Baruda Kebele and its environs of the Bulen Woreda in Metekel Zone were around 5000 that were later spread out in Chagni town of the Amhara region. During their
investigation, HRC’s researchers have found that there were over 500 people who were dispersed in different areas of the town.
The victims also told the Human Rights organization that they have been harassed, threatened and arrested for telling the abuses and hardships they have sustained during the eviction.
An application letter signed by over 140 evictees and other documents sent to the Congress reveal that they have went through a lot of suffering, abuse and discrimination at the hands of regional officials and local populace.
Evictees from Baruda Kebele have told the Congress that their properties have not yet been returned to them, they are being attacked, have got no support, are denied access to agricultural inputs for originating from “that ethnic group”.
ESAT’s reporter has also confirmed that although Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic origin that have been evicted from the Benishangul-Gumuz region have been returned back to the region last year, they still have not received any form of help from the government and are even facing different forms of administrative abuses.

ጉዳዬ በጠቅላይ ፍርድ ቤት ይታይልኝ ፡ በሙስና ተጠርጣሪው አቶ መላኩ ፈንታ

እንደ ኢሳት ዘገባ ሕገመንግስት የትርጉም ጥያቄ ያስነሳው የአቶ መላኩ ጉዳይ ዛሬም አልተቋጨም።ታህሳስ ፫(ሦስት)ቀን ፳፻፮ ዓ/ም :- የቀድሞ ገቢዎችና ጉምሩክ ባለስልጣን ዋና ዳሬክተር አቶ መላኩ ፈንታ ክሳቸው በየትኛው ፍርድ ቤት ይታይ በሚለው ጉዳይ ላይ የፌዴሬሽን ምክር ቤት የመጨረሻ ውሳኔውን እንዲያሳውቅ ሲል የፌደራሉ ከፍተኛ ፍርድ ቤት  ፲፭ኛ ወንጀል ችሎት ዛሬ ትእዛዝ በመስጠት ለታህሳስ ፳፪ ቀን ፳፻፮ ተለዋጭ ቀጠሮ ሰጠ።ፍ/ቤቱ ቀደም ሲል በሰጠው ትዕዛዝ መሰረት ጉዳዩን የመረመረው የህገ መንግስት ጉዳዮች አጣሪ ጉባኤ የውሳኔ ኀሳቡን ዛሬ ለፍርድ ቤቱ አቅርቧል።ሙስና ወንጀል ተጠርጥረው የታሰሩት አቶ መላኩ ፈንታ የተሾምኩትና ስሰራ የቆየሁት በሚኒስትር ማዕረግ ነው፣የሚኒስትሮች ምክር ቤት አባል ነበርኩኝ ፤ስለዚህም በፍርድ ቤቶች መቋቋሚያ አዋጅ ፳፭/፹፰ መሰረት እኔ በሚኒስትር ማእረግ የተሾምኩ ስለሆንኩኝ የቀረበብኝ ክስ መታየት ያለበት በፌደራሉ ከፍተኛ ፍርድ ቤት ሳይሆን በጠቅላይ ፍርድ ቤት ነው በማለት ያቀረቡትን መከራከሪያ ፍ/ቤቱ በማጤን ጉዳዩ የህገመንግስት ትርጉም ያስፈልገዋል በሚል ለሕገመንግስት አጣሪ ጉባዔ እንዲመራ ህዳር ፲፩ ቀን ፳፻፮ ዓ.ም በዋለው ችሎት መወሰኑ ይታወሳል።የኮሚሽኑ አቃቤ ህግ በበኩሉ አቶ መላኩ በሚኒስትር ማዕረግ መሾማቸው ጥቅማ ጥቅማጥቅሞችን በሚኒስትር ደረጃ እንዲያገኙ እንጂ ሚኒስትር ስለነበሩ አይደለም ሲል የአቶ መላኩን መከራከሪያ ተቃውሞ እንደነበር ይታወሳል፡፡በአቶ ካሳ ተ/ብርሃን የሚመራው የፌዴሬሽን ም/ቤት ከሕገመንግስት አጣሪ ጉባዔ የደረሰውን የውሳኔ ሃሳቡ በ፴ ቀናት ውስጥ ምላሽ መስጠት እንዳለበት በሕግ የተደነገገ ቢሆንም፥ ተከሳሾቹ በማረሚያ ቤት የሚገኙ መሆናቸውን ግምት ውስጥ በማስገባት ምክር ቤቱ በቀጣይ ፩፰ ቀናት ጉዳዩን መርምሮ ውሳኔውን እንዲያሳውቅ ሲል ፍርድ ቤቱ ትዕዛዝ ሰጥቷል፡፡

Thursday, December 12, 2013

ዳግማዊ አጤ ምኒልክ የዘመናዊቷ ኢትዮጵያ መስራች እና የጥቁር ዘር ህዝቦች መኩሪያ

«....ማንም ሰው ለመማርና ለመሠልጠን መድከም አለበት።» ዳግማዊ አጤ ምንሊክ ንጉሰነገስት ዘኢትዮጵያ  በ፲፰፻፺፰.ም ስለትምሕርት ያስነገሩት አዋጅ 
«እናንተ አንድ ልብ ከሆናችሁ በምቀኝነት እርስ በርሳችሁ ተዋግታችሁ ካላለቃችሁ በቀር ኢትዮጵያን አገራችንን ለሌላ ለባእድ አትሰጧትም፤ ክፉም ነገር አገራችንን አያገኛትም። ነፋስ እንዳይገባባችሁ አገራችሁን በያላችሁበት በርትታችሁ ጠብቁ፤ ወንድሜ ወንድሜ እየተባባላችሁ ተደጋገፉ፤ የኢትዮጵያን ጠላት ተጋግዛችሁ ተደንበር መልሱ። የኢትዮጵያ ጠላት ባንዱ ወገን ትቶ ባንድ ወገን ቢሄድና ደንበር ቢገፋ፤ በኔ ወገን ታልመጣ ምን ቸገረኝ ብላችሁ ዝም አትበሉ፤ ያ ጠላት በመጣበት በኩል ኁላችሁም ሄዳችሁ አንድነት ተጋግዛችሁ ጠላታችሁን መልሱ እስከ እየቤታችሁ እስኪመጣ ዝም ብላችሁ አትቆዩ» ዳግማዊ ዓፄ ምኒልክ፤ ግንቦት ፲ ቀን ፲፱፻፩.
ልክ በዛሬዋ እለት ከመቶ ዓመት በፊት እኝህ የኢትዮጵያንም ሆነ የመላው ጥቁር ዘር ታሪክ የቀየሩት እና ከዘመናቸው ቀድመው የተወለዱት ኢትዮጵያዊ መሪ ለዓመታት ሲታገሉት የነበረው ህመማቸው አሸንፏቸው እችን ዓለም ተሰናበቱ። ኢትዮጵያዊ ታሪክ ጸሃፊ መርስዔ ኀዘን ወልደ ቂርቆስ - ትዝታዬ - ስለራሴ የማስታውሰው   ፲፰፺፩ - ፲፱፳፫ በሚለው መጽሃፋቸው ዳግማዊ አጤ ምኒልክ በህልፈት ሲለዩ የነበረውን ሁኔታ በዚህ መልኩ ነበር የገለጹት፦ 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Israel's "Red Cross" rejects blood from Ethiopia born lawmaker

According to JTA Israeli lawmakers called for an examination of Magen David Adom blood donation policies after an Ethiopia-born Knesset member was rejected as a donor.
Pnina Tamano-Shata of the Yesh Atid party tried to donate during a special blood drive Wednesday at the Knesset but was told she could not because she had “the special kind of Jewish-Ethiopian blood,” according to Ynet, which first broke the story.
Tamano-Shata was told subsequently that she could donate but the blood would be frozen and never used.
I am good enough to serve the state and in the Knesset,” Tamano-Shata told Ynet. “But for some reason to give blood I am not good enough. This is insulting.
The Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee will meet in emergency session on Monday to discuss the issue.
Tamano-Shata has lived in Israel since she was 3 years old and served in the Israel Defense Forces. As a youth she protested the MDA practice of discarding Ethiopian blood donations, according to Ynet.
Eilat Shinar, MDA’s director of blood services, told Ynet that “the regulations of the Ministry of Health do not allow the use of a blood infusion from someone who was born or lived for more than a year in an HIV-prevalent country since 1977, including countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean islands.”
In the wake of Wednesday’s incident, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein banned further MDA blood drives at the parliament.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Tamano-Shata and said he would call for an investigation into the Health Ministry directives.
There can be no differentiation between one blood and the other in the State of Israel,” Israeli President Shimon Peres told Ynet.
Health Minister Yael German told Ynet, “I find it absurd that in Israel of 2013, people of Ethiopian descent that came to Israel over 25 years ago can still not donate blood.

Israel passes law to detain undocumented African migrants for a year without trial

According to AFP Israel's parliament has approved a law which allows undocumented immigrants from Africa to be detained for up to a year without trial, MPs announced on Tuesday.
Hardliners from Prime Minister Netanyahu's Likud party praised the new legislation, with Interior Minister Gideon Saar saying it would "allow us to keep undocumented immigrants away from our cities."
And MP Miri Regev said Israel should "send them all back to their countries."
But not everyone welcomed the legislation.
"Would you also have placed Nelson Mandela in a closed detention centre?" asked Tamar Zandberg from the left wing Meretz party.
Human rights groups say most African migrants in Israel cannot be deported because their lives would be under threat if they returned home to Sudan and Eritrea.
The government-backed bill amends earlier legislation from 2012 under which undocumented immigrants could be held for three years without trial that was overturned by the Supreme Court in September.
The new bill passed by 30 votes in favour to 15 against during a late-night vote in the 120-member parliament, or Knesset.
It was the latest in a series of measures aimed at cracking down on the numbers of Africans entering the country illegally, which Israel says poses a threat to the state's Jewish character.
Last year, Israel launched a crackdown on what it said were 60,000 undocumented African immigrants, rounding up and deporting 3,920 by the end of the year, and building a hi-tech fence along the border with Egypt.
On November 24, the cabinet approved measures aimed at tackling the question of illegal immigrants, including a crackdown on employers and financial incentives for those agreeing to return to their country of origin.
It has also invested in the construction of a sprawling detention facility for undocumented immigrants arriving in Israel and for immigrants already in the country who "disturb the public order," the premier's office said.
The facility, to be inaugurated on December 12 and run by the Israel Prisons Services, will be open during the day but locked at night, and it will initially house up to 3,300 people, Haaretz newspaper reported.
It said capacity could be expanded to hold up to 11,000.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Egypt needs Compensation from Ethiopia over Renaissance Dam Construction : VOA

Israel Reportedly to Deport 500 Ethiopians as of Next Year

Unlike those deported from Saudi, these migrants could get a total of 35m Br in compensation

The pro government Ethiopia's business weekly Fortune quoted Ethiopia's ambassador to Israel that deportation of Ethiopian migrants in that country is to happen within a short period of time.      
As Ethiopians removed from Saudi Arabia continue filing back into the country, Israel is also planning to deport 500 Ethiopians, possibly as early as January 2014.
Some 60,000 migrants from different African countries – particularly Eritrea and Sudan, which makes up the lion’s share at some 90 percent of the total – have entered Israel in recent years through the Sinai Peninsula. This has led to fears that the Jewish character of the country of 7.8 million is being threatened, as was stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech in May 2012.
In order to assuage those concerns, the country is embarking on a drive to remove the undocumented migrants, which it calls ‘infiltrators’, with incentives designed to encourage voluntary departures. These include 3,500 dollars in compensation for each migrant, in addition to free plane tickets and health care. 
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

የቀድሞ የደህንነት ሀላፊ አቶ ወልደስላሴ ወልደሚካኤል ልማታዊ ሙስኛ ሚሊኒየር

ኢትዮጵያ ብዙ ሚሊዮኖች ድሆች ጥቂት የተመረጠው ዘር ሚሊኒየሮች
ባለፈውሳምንት ኢትዮጵያ  ከአፍሪካ አገራት ከፍተኛ ቁጥር ያላቸው ባለ ብዙ ሚሊዮን ብራሞች በማስቆጠር ዳሚነቱን እንደያዘች የተለያዩ የዜና አውታሮች  ሲግቡ ሰንብተዋል፡ 108 ከመቶ እድገት በአንድ ዓመት ብቻ በማስመዝገብ። አጃኢብ አይደል ኢትዮጵያ ቀን ወጣላት። አለፈልን ስማችን በድህነት ከመነሳት አልፎ ለዚህ ላበቃን ህውሃት እና የተከበሩ ልማታዊ ሙሰኛ አባላቱ ምስጋና ይግባቸው   እንደ አውሮፓውያኑ ቀመር 2007 ዓም ኢትዮጵያ 1300 ባለብዙ ሚሊዮን ብሮች የነበሯት ሲሆን በዚህ ዓመት ግን ቁጥራቸው ወደ ወደ 2700 አሻቅቧል የቀድሞው የደህንነት ሃላፊ አቶ ወልደሚካኤል፡ቤተሰቦቻቸው ዘመዶቻቸው፡ዘርማንዘራቸው፡ ጓደኞቻቸው፡ እነ /ሮ አዜብ መስፍን ስዩምመስፍንን፡ አቦይ ስብሃትን፡ እንዲሁም ሌሎች በአንድ ሌሊት አዳር የተተኮሱ የህውሃት አባላትን፡ደጋፊዎቻቸውንና ወዳጆቻቸውን ጨምሮ። ምን ይሳነዋል ለህውሃት። ዛሬ ፋና ሬዲዮ የዘገበው ደግሞ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ እንዴት በ1000 ብር ደሞዝ ባለ4 ደረጃ ህንጻ ማሰራት እንደሚቻል በ 500 ብር የወር ደሞዝ   በተለያዩ ባንኮች እሰከ ሚሊዮን ብር ማስቀመጥ እንደሚቻል እና ከስምንተኛ ክፍል ያቋረጡ ስራ ዓጥ እና ምንም ገቢ የሌላቸው የህውሃት ዓባላት በተለያዩ የአገሪቱ አካባቢዎች እስከ 8 ሚሊዮን የኢትዮጵያ ብር በባንክ በማስቀመጥ በአገራችን ለዘመናት ተለጥፎ የነበረውን የድህነት ምሳሌ ተረት ተረት በማድረግ ላይ ይገኛሉ። ምን ይሳነዋል ለህውሃት? ሚሊዮኖች ጠኔ ይዟቸው በሚንጠራወዙባት ኢትዮጵያ በመቶዎች የሚቆጠሩ እንደእነ  አቶ ወልደስላሴ እና አጋሮቾቻቸው አልጠግብ ብለው ሲተፉ ያድራሉ። እስኪ ፋና ወደ አሰናዳው ዝርዝር ዜና ልመልሳችሁ።   

Saturday, December 7, 2013

ዝክረ ማንዴላ ወኢትዮጵያ

የማንዴላ እና የኢትዮጵያ ቁርኝት ከግማሽ ምዕተዓመት በላይ አስቆጥሯል። ኔልሰን ማንዴላ በአገራቸው እንዳይሰጣቸው  የተከለከሉትን ፓስፖርት ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ በመስጠት ኢትዮጵያ ባለውለታ ስትሆን ይህንን የኢትዮጵያ ፓስፓርት በመጠቀም ማንዴላ ከቦታ ቦታ እንዲንቀሳቀሱ አስችሏቸዋል። ከዚህ ባሻገርም ጠያራ (አውሮፕላን) አብራሪ የተመለከቱት እንደ አውሮፓውያን አቆጣጠር 1962 ወደ አዲሰ ኣበባ ባመጣቸው ጠያራ ውስጥ ነበር። ይህ አጋጣሚ ደቡብ አፍሪካ ውስጥ በወቅቱ ተንሰራፍቶ በነበረው የዘር መድሎኦ በተያያዘ በነበራቸው አሉታዊ ተሞክሮ የተነሳ ከፍተኛ ግርምትን እና የጥቁር ዘር ማንነት ጥያቄ እንደጫረባቸው ለነጻነት የተደረገው ረዥሙ ጉዞ ( Long Walk To Freedom ) በሚል ባሳተሙት መጽሃፋቸው ላይ እንዲህ ሲሉ ገልጽውታል። 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

No Lack of Freedom of Speech in Eritrea : Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerahtu told BBC

Seriously Ambassador? Lie, after lie; it just never stops. Have read (of course, you did) what Reporters without Borders written to your President? To refresh your memory, here are some of the accusations against your president.
Issaias Afeworki, Reporters Without Borders accuses you of committing the following crimes: Ordering, together with then information minister Naizghi Kiflu, the closure of all of Eritrea’s privately-owned press and the arrests of at least 13 journalists, newspaper owners and editors in September 2001. Imposing an unrelenting censorship and terror on the state media – including Eri-TV, radio Dimtsi Hafash (Voice of the Masses) and the Hadas Eritrea – which are the only media allowed in Eritrea. Masterminding and allocating major financial and technical resources for the jamming of the satellite signal of Radio Erena, an independent exile radio station broadcasting to Eritrea from Paris. Responsibility for the surveillance and harassment of the few foreign media correspondents based in Asmara until they all left. You share this responsibility with Ali Abdu, your acting information minister for nearly ten years (who fled the country in November 2012), and his close collaborator, Amanuel Hadgu.
pro-governement daily

Icing on the cake, three of your journalists who fled from the country on the "right track" with abundant freedom of expression to Uganda, were honored on December fourth ( a day before you gave this interview) for their extraordinary courage in continuing to report about government corruption and gender inequalities among others. Mr. Ambassador fool us once, shame on you; but fool us twice shame on us!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ህውሃት ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ የዳግማዊ አጼ ምንይልክን መቶኛ ዓመት ሙት፡ዓመት እንዳያከብር አገደ

የሰማያዊ ፓርቲ የአፄ ምኒልክ ኛ እረፍት አመትን በተለያዩ ዝግጅቶች አስቦ ለመዋል በጃንሜዳ የመሰብሰብ ፍቃድ እንዲሰጠው ጥያቄ አቅርቦ ነበር፣ ይሁንና መንግስት ጥያቄውን ተልካሻ ምክንያቶችን በመደርደር ውድቅ ማድረጉን የሚገልጽ ደብዳቤ ለሰማያዊ ፓርቲ እንደደረሰው በመግለጫው አመልክቷል። የፊታችን ታህሳስ የእምዬ ምኒልክን  ኛ እረፍት በሰማያዊ ፓርቲ አዘጋጅነት እንደሚዘክር የታወቀ ነዉ፡፡ በፕሮግራሙ ላይም በርካታ ከሀገር ዉስጥና ከዉጪ ሀገር ምሁራን ጥሪ የተደረገላቸዉ እንግዶች ይገኛሉ ተብሉ ይጠበቃል፡፡ የፕሮግራሙ አዘጋጅ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ለዝግጅቱ በሚያስፈልጉ ጉዳዩች ላይ ስራ እየሰራ ይገኛል። በስብሰባና ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ አዋጅ መሰረትም ስብሰባ እንደሚያደርግ ለስብሰባና ሰልፍ ማሳወቂያ ክፍል ደብዳቤ በትናንትናዉ እለት ያስገባ ሲሆን ዛሬ በደብዳቤ የተመለሰዉ መልስ እጅጉን አስቂኝና አጠያያቂ ሆኖ እንዳገኙት ብርሃኑ ተክለያሬድ የተባሉት የፓርቲው አባል  ይናገራሉ፡፡ በደብዳቤዉ ላይ ለምታደርጉት ስብሰባ እዉቅና ልንሳጣችሁ አንችልም ምክንያቱም የፖሊስ ጥበቃ መመደብ አንችልም የሚል ነዉ፡፡ የፅፈት ቤቱ ሀላፊ ተብዬዉ አቶ አሰግድ በንቀት ደግሞ ማናችሁና ምኒልክ ምናምን የምትሉት ደግሞ ምኒልክ ማነዉ በሚል በእብሪት የመለሰዉ መልስ አቶ ብርሃኑን በእጅጉ እንዳስገረማቸው አክለዋል፡፡ እንኳን ድንኳን ጥሎ ለመሰብሰብ ይቅርና ጎዳና ሙሉ ህዝብ በመላበት የሩጫ የሰልፍ መሰል የገዢዉ ፓርቲ መልካም ፈቃድ ያገኙ ፕሮግራሞች ከህዝቡ እኩል ፌደራል ፖሊስ ለጥበቃ እንደሚታዘዝላቸዉ እየታወቀ ፤ በሌላ መልኩም በድፍረት እንወጣለን ብለን በተለያየ ምክንያት በተጠሩ ሰልፎች ላይ ለድብደባ የሚላከው ቁጥር ስፍር የሌለዉ የፀጥታ ሀይል አሁን ምን ቢውጠው ነዉ የጥበቃ የሚሆን የሰዉ ሀይል ልናስተባብር አንችልም ስለዚህ ዝግጅታችሁን እዉቅና አንሰጠዉም መባሉ??? ይህ ከእብሪት በላይ ምን ሊሆን ይችላል!!!? አቶ ብርሃኑ ዝግጅቱ በታቀደለት ልኩ እንደሚፈፀም ተለመደ ፓርቲቸዉ ቁርጠኝነት ዋል፡፡ ሲፈልጉ ለጥበቃ የከለከሉትን ሀይል ለድብደባ ይላኩት!!! እኛ የምንዘክራቸዉ ፍርሃት ካልፈጠረባቸዉ ሞተዉም መንፈሳቸዉ ካልተለየን እምቢ ባይ አባቶቻችን ተወልደናል፡፡

ድል ለኢትየጵያ ህዝብ!!!