Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wasn't ONLF Eliminated???

Meles & co. are a well known backstabbers. It was ok for journalists to even fight along with  them back then when they were guerrilla fighters and they enjoyed much publicity as much they wanted. Now, they are at the helm and it's forbidden to even talk to the descendants who have the very same questions they're raising which were raised by these thugs back in those days when they were in the jungle. The hasty anti-terrorist law enactment is not a coincidence with the arrest of many Ethiopian journalists including Johan & Martin; it was rather a preemptive plan to stage media circus based on  tips gathered through their hundreds of thousands of spies in Ethiopia as well as elsewhere in the world including Sweden. TPLFites  have a good track record (more than 20yrs) of setting up traps to their assumed/perceived/virtual enemies whom they think might be a threat: a case in point Teddy Afro, Birtukan Midekssa, Professor Asrat Woldeyes, leaders of opposition parties & trade unions, journalists, religious leaders, civil societies etc etc and  Martin & Johan's case is no different; otherwise how on earth a war could broke out on that particular day with ONLF which Meles claimed ''eliminated'' or ''made peace deal''  with a year before? They've the "law" and they decreed ONLF & other main opposition groups as terrorists just a few months before the arrests of Ethiopian and Swedish journalists, so the ball is in their field. This whole kangaroo court hearings would be nothing but a self-serving  PR to portray picture about their legality in handling the case. They would manipulate and take advantage of every incidence surrounding these issues because after all they've the backings from the USA & others as the best ally of ''war on terror''. Soon or later the Swedish journalists will be released after many tiresome negotiations and non-stop court wranglings and in the mean time the thugs will continue exhorting anyone who raises this issue. At the end, Martin & Johan will be granted ''gracious pardon'' from our ''benevolent Ethiopian leaders'' and that will be THE END but life goes on for the rest of Ethiopian journalist in and ''outside'' prison. 
Swedes plead 'not guilty' to terror crimes - The Local

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