Saturday, October 29, 2011

The most Untouchables of the Horn of Africa

Many freedom and democracy loving people across the globe regardless of their- racial, religious, political, geographical creeds- cheered and applauded the courage, determination and sacrifices paid by revolutionaries of the Arab countries to make dictatorship a history even though it's too early to judge how event will turn out to be in due time. What's most striking and astonishing though is that peoples of these countries are much more better off socially, economically, politically than their counterparts in the horn of Africa namely The Sudan, Eritrea & my home country- Ethiopia. Regimes of all these 3 countries came by sword and run their respective countries with iron fist ever since they held power more than 2 decades ago. Genocide; human rights abuses; famine; disease; tortures; modern day slavery; extrajudicial killings and imprisonments, lack of the rule of law and freedom of expression are the hallmark of the trio nations and yet their power is as intact as before thanks to backings which are attached in different forms and shapes from China to USA from Russia to Quatar. What Gaddafi, Ben Ali and Mubarak did combined to their people is less than a quarter of what Al-Basher or Afewerki or Meles are doing each alone. Al-Bashir has been in killing spree ever since he held power, Afewerki take hostage of his ''liberated people'' after 30yrs of bloody war and Zenawi
a darling of the West & the East regardless of his murky human right records of the last 20yrs. These tyrants have been doing everything with impunity because they know they're untouchables and a case in point is Al-Bashir continues to massacre peoples of the South since early 2000 and he's sending Eritrean refugees  including a critical journalist  
against international law to his partner in crime where there are thirty-four journalists are currently incarcerated in prison, four dead and 2 disappeared. According to RSF's website Hamad, an Eritrean journalist and editorial writer who runs the opposition website, was summoned by Sudanese security forces in Khartoum on 24 October and is held incommunicado in Khartoum. On the other hand, their other partner- Ethiopia's tyrant - intensified his campaign against all sorts of human and civil rights because he knows he's untouchable as long as he plays the ''war on terror'' card. NATO and other European countries rushed to ''help'' Libyan people while at the same time they've been indifferent to the sufferings of Ethiopians, Eritreans and Sudanese for more than two decades, why is that? Don't we matter to you or are we too dark to be spared? You allowed genocides at larger scale to happen with impunity from Liberia to the Sudan, from Ethiopia to Kongo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda with the premise that NATO interferes only if one of its member country is threatened but what's so special about Libya from the rest of African countries whose people are doomed to live in constant fear of being killed, prosecuted, tortured, starved and raped forever? I don't think your motive is only Oil as some alleges otherwise there's oil and other more valuable mineral resources in some of these countries; unless you're waiting for the remaining population to be wiped out from the map.   

Reporters Without Borders expresses its profound concern after the arrest on 24 October of the Eritrean journalist Jamal Osman Hamad in Khartoum and calls on the Sudanese authorities to release him.

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  1. I have just reads your writing on irefugee. Western countries are acted on their interest. whether a leader of an african country is a dictator or democrat it doesn't matter for them. what matters most for them is that the leader who they can do business with him. if he kowtow to their illicit interest he always welcome no matter what he has done against his people. As you mentioned in your writing Meles Zenawi is a darling of the west but you and i know that is a butcher for his own people that doesn't matter for western countries.