Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bad News for Refugees/Migrant workers...

I logged in into my twitter after breakfast (my daily routine) this morning and I started to skim my updates well blame it on my attraction to negative news but I found out that it's yet another gloomy day for refugees/migrant workers which becomes normal these days because of the world's indifference towards fellow "human-beings". I just read on Guardian about the threat to deport Ethiopian and Somali asylum seekers by South African countries and then time chronicles daily horrific ordeals of Syrian refugees who're scared of being  kidnapped by by Assad's cronies on a broad-light from Turkey and then I read on migrant-right about certain housemaids from Africa (I suspect they're from my country as it's the main exporter of humans in that continent) who abscond to their Embassy in Kuwait due to abuse and some work related irregularities with their employers. The list can go on and on but our miseries is getting from bad to worse especially at a time of global economic crisis like this. We are forgotten and ignored as if we don't exist nor deserve to live a decent life like any human-being. How long shall we suffer/die/starved/abused/raped/tortured before the world say ENOUGH to dictators who subject us to such endless miseries? It's a shame fellow mankind become dehumanized at such extreme and show no empathy while others are being forced to flee their country by tyrants like Assad, Abdula Salah, etc and yet we can't even have safe haven and protection in those hosting countries. It seems things don't get to get better, but let's dream the dream, one day we'll be treated like any human-being and live with freedom, respect and dignity.        

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