Thursday, October 27, 2011

Neo-Slavery in the making, Saudi style

My employer (which I don't have:)) tells me what to and not do with my wage? This world is not getting any funnier than never. What's more even surprising is that this news comes from one of oil-rich countries in the world- Saudi Arabia- greed has no limits; as if the existing exploitation of migrant workers is not enough, the country is planning to limit the remittances these poor people are sending back home either to pay their debt and/or support their poor families. When I read this news what came to my mind was the agreement which was recently signed between Saudi & Ethiopian officials to recruit more Ethiopian maids as the Philippines & Indonesian governments banned any agency from sending their citizens to that country. Well, our so called ''government'' doesn't care less about ''its citizens'' even though there're quite good number of well documented evidences that show migrant workers who are/were either underpaid or not paid at all because of various irregularities. Nevertheless, now the Saudi riches don't even have little mercy to allow these poor people to pay their debts or support their families with the little they have left with. Is it another form of Neo-slavery in the making? The Saudis literally own these poor migrant workers by holding their passport & travel documents but that's not enough so they devised a law which controls these poor people's financial privacy to tighten their control on them. They've zillions of money/gold/diamonds everything that money can buy and now they want more, from the last persons, anybody with sane mind can't even contemplate to do so. The day started with bad news and now ending with such heartless & greedy nature of human-being.I hope tomorrow would be a better day, with some good news Incha'allah

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