Friday, October 7, 2011

See you @ ICC!!!

what??? These guys have neither shame nor decency what so ever like the rest of their partners in crimes elsewhere in the world. If he thinks this's some kind of desperate preparatory campaign to appease voters for the next ballot, either he's delusional (which he's) or he has the biggest guts in the world. These thugs killed, peaceful Ethiopian demonstrators indiscriminately at point blank who dared to demand their votes to be respected, and then accused others for their heinous crimes. Wake up and look around: Gadaffi is gone, Mubarak is gone, Ben Ali is gone and now it's your turn you like it or not. You're wasting the much needed and valuable taxpayer's money on some rubish tale tell which will never and ever absolve your crimes for the last 20yrs. Don't you know we're sick and tired of your lies, doctored crimes against innocent citizens, misguided policies, lootings, extrajudicial killings & imprisonments, injustices, instutionalized corruptions, nepotism, day light election robberies etc etc. What we need right now is not some kind gibberish of sucess stories but honest & genuine confession and appolgies for what you folks did/continued to do to us since you took power 20yrs. Soon or later we will reclaim our birth-right freedom to live a life with dignity and without fear. That chapter is still open and afresh in the minds of many Ethiopians who want a disclosure by bringing culprits like Berket, Meles, Shimeles, et. al. to justice. SEE YOU @ ICC sometime soon!!!e

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