Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are you still there God?

I woke up today hoping it's gonna be a new and bright day but alas I was wrong the first news that I watched this morning was about court hearings of the homicide of 13years old Ethiopian girl named Hannah by her American adoptive ''parents'' which took place some months ago. I couldn't help myself but thinking how could someone has the courage to resist and dare to switch off such contagious smile from his/her ''daughter''? Some of the evidences show that she was tortured, starved to death before she died of hypothermia left in the cold outside in the field. The "mother" told 911 that her "rebellious daughter" killed herself and all this cruelty is done in the name of God and there's no better place than Ethiopia to execute such sadistic feat on an innocent, helpless and desperate child. The mafiosi @ Arat Kilo sell everything from that country including its ''citizens'' to the least bidder as long as it means $$$. I was like why is life so mean to our girls/women regardless of which continent they live, statistics show Ethiopian housemaids are the majority victims of sexual, physical and other abuses by their middle-eastern employers. Thousands of Adoption and recruitment agencies run by the thugs & co are busy exporting our girls/sisters to whomever without either doing background check or follow-ups about the human-beings they're trafficking. There're thousands of Hannahs all over the world who're doomed to be abused, enslaved, tortured, starved to death due to the greedy adoptions/recruitment agencies and their boss at the top who care about nothing but profit at the expense of desperate and helpless Ethiopians. Some of the children are not even orphans but their parents are being lured by these organized criminals promising them a better life and future for their kids in America and Europe. OK Suppose Hannah was orphan who had nowhere to live or was on the street but I'm sure her death wouldn't have been this tragic if she stayed back @ home or would have been still smiling if there was a responsible adoption agency tracked her updates on a regular base. I wonder what ''God" (if it exists) is doing when such grotesque crimes are being committed on daily basis on his/her children on his/her name. I hope Hannah's blood and others didn't shed in vain and let these criminals & their accomplices pay due prices.

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