Sunday, January 29, 2012

Norway a Land - Plagued by Double Standard Politicians!!!

Ethiopia's tyrant dines & wines in Norway
The above sad and worrying news came a few days ago after Norwegian State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Torgeir Larsen's recent business visit to Addis Ababa to get rid off Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers who've lived, worked and payed tax from 2yrs-10yrs in his country. I still couldn't believe why the country's politicians and immigration authorities are spending large amount of their times, money, sleepless nights and on a mission to expel and risk the lives of hard working Ethiopian asylum seekers by sending them back where Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders and others are publishing disturbing reports about the regime's unprecedented gross human-rights violations, crackdown on the media and the dissent.
These people are neither a threat to the national security nor large in number so one may wonder whether Norwegian politicians have something personal against Ethiopian asylum seekers. The betrayal and double standard of Norwegian officials to the world in general and Ethiopians in particular is not something new; they did it last November when they invited Meles Zenawi and allowed him to label the two Swedish journalists he jailed as '' messenger boys of terrorist groups'' in their backyard with audacity just two days after the country announced to award Nobel Peace Prize to two Liberian & one Yemeni journalists/activist named Tawakul Karman. The Norwegian politicians know and have first hand information about what's going on in present day Ethiopia nonetheless they wined & dined with Meles Zenwai in Oslo to finish
the war they waged against a few helpless, voiceless, desperate Ethiopian asylum seekers and realized executed it with success on January 26, 2012. The irony is, this ruthless and inhumane deal was cut by Torgeir Larsen, country's State Secretary, a former Student of London School of Economics & Political Science who worked as a journalist for national TV. If one googles his name, Libya's deposed dictator- Moammer Gadahaffi- was his closest business ally and Torgeir name follows everywhere there's oil
: Libya, Sudan, South Sudan etc so it sounds like for a country which is reputed and prides itself as the champion of human rights, freedom of speech, liberty, democracy and other catchy words is plagued by double standard, two edge and back-stabbing politicians. Norway, watch out, the world is watching and one day you'll be judged for this historically unjustified decisions made at the expense of very few Ethiopian asylum seekers who deserve the protection enshrined to them by United Nations Conventions to which your country subscribed to. Just in case you wonder how many Ethiopian asylum seekers have become such a 'huge' burden to one of the world's richest countries in the world, only more than 500 Ethiopians sought asylum in Norway in 2009-2010, which is in the category of one of the minority asylum seekers' groups in that country.


  1. haha males bravo wonata.he is hirooo.naxt taime swiden...alle yuo amharas came to etiopia.

  2. go Meles, go. all of you are freaking econmomic refugees and that's why Norway is sending you back. There's no fucking Ethiopian political asylum seekers, neftegnoch who want a free way hahahaha.bring them here so that they can build roads, hospitals, colleges, etc. whatlese you losers do you want, Meles gives you democracy, free election, 11 growth, job...are there not enough?bunch of idiots. Melese is the best leader in Ethiopian & African history...that's why the west respect him. cherioo Meles

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