Monday, January 30, 2012

I wish I was born White

Yes, I wish was born white so I don't have to flee my 'home' country leaving behind my family, friends and everything I have to live in 'freedom' in a country where I wasn't welcome. Otherwise, I don't have any problem with my skin color; of course it often times asks for troubles and raises eyebrows at the doorsteps of fancy restaurants, bars and even just average food stores. I would discuss about skin color and its negative consequences sometime in the future. Tonight, I just want to provoke thoughts about the tales of the prisoners of two countries namely Sweden my 'host' country for 8yrs which's home is home to Johan Persson & Martin Schibbye and Ethiopia my 'homeland' and a prison for two of my Swedish colleagues.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Norway a Land - Plagued by Double Standard Politicians!!!

Ethiopia's tyrant dines & wines in Norway
The above sad and worrying news came a few days ago after Norwegian State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Torgeir Larsen's recent business visit to Addis Ababa to get rid off Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers who've lived, worked and payed tax from 2yrs-10yrs in his country. I still couldn't believe why the country's politicians and immigration authorities are spending large amount of their times, money, sleepless nights and on a mission to expel and risk the lives of hard working Ethiopian asylum seekers by sending them back where Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders and others are publishing disturbing reports about the regime's unprecedented gross human-rights violations, crackdown on the media and the dissent.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Protest against Carl Bildt, Meles Zenawi & Swedish Oil Firm Lundin in St...

This afternoon (January 14, 2012) over 250 protesters from various sectors of the society in Stockholm and surrounding areas took to the street to demand Carl Bildt- the Swedish Foreign Minister to resign and condemning the involvement of Lundin Oil (Swedish Firm) in gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia's region called Ogaden. At the same time Ethiopians who reside in Stockholm and its environs expressed their protest against Ethiopia's dictator Meles Zenwai who jailed over 114 opposition party leaders and members as well as 6 Ethiopian and 2 Swedish journalists. Various activists and artists made speech and performed at the demonstration which was organized by Damon Rasti-a private citizen.