Monday, October 24, 2011

Ethiopian housemaids are treated much worse than anybody in middle-east.

Hi John Leonard
Thanks a lot for your dedicated and authentic reports about migrant workers in the middle-east which is almost forgotten/ignored by the mainstream media as well as recruiting and supplying countries. Unfortunately, there are not many journalists like who're fully committed to exposing such shameful and barbaric human right abuses which have been perpetrated on our sisters/daughters by the wealthy of mid-east countries for such a long time. What's even worse is that these poor illiterate, desperate girls/women were/are also ignored by staff members of their respective Embassies/consulates who're paid to protect/safeguard their right/lives in those countries. Even though it's very obvious that the situations are much even worse for Ethiopian housemaids than Filipinos in the middle-eastern countries; the government is aggressively exporting its citizens for modern slavery. Would you please also do some stories about Ethiopian housemaids who're languishing at the hands of their ''employers'' or/and prisons in the mid-east countries especially in Lebanon where there're mounting evidences that depict the miseries of our sisters/daughters?
30 Distressed Fililpino workers seek repatriation:
There are 30 plus distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), all women, in Oman temporarily seeking refuge at the Philippine Embassy’s Filipino Workers Resource Center (FWRC), according to a Filipino migrants rights group providing assistance to distressed and abused OFWs.

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