Sunday, October 2, 2011

CyberEthiopia - Ethiopian News from the Internet - መተሐራ ዉስጥ የተፈፀመዉ ግድያና ቅሬታ

I hope this isn't the kind of ethnic cleansing which was perpetrated back then across Ethiopia'z various towns & villages in the early 1990s. Hmm, but I wonder why the heads of the district's Police & Administration were not willing to comment on this very tragic incident which was happening over the last few months in their vicinity. Inhabitants and relatives of the deceased expressed their frustrations over the lack of cooperativeness and willingness of the police and the administration to investigate the case and bring the alleged suspects to justice; instead one of the suspects who was imprisoned was released and was even given a prize for being ''best farmer of the district''. All the victims are not only from a certain ethnic group but also self-made middle aged businessmen: this is the pattern of killings which reminds us the ones back in the 90s. The gov't as usual is just distancing itself claiming as a local issue that should be resolved locally; this is the result of its policy of polarizing ethnic division, which, if it's not resolved swiftly and in a peaceful manner, would then not only encourage copycats in other parts of the country but also engulf and swallow the gov't given the widespread corruption,food price hike,injustice etc etc.It's high time (if it has time at all) for EPRDF to draw lessons from Libya,Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen to make political, social, economical reforms ; otherwise...CyberEthiopia - Ethiopian News from the Internet - መተሐራ ዉስጥ የተፈፀመዉ ግድያና ቅሬታ

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