Friday, May 31, 2013

Is the Riot in Stockholm over?

I know, I should have written this piece last week while Stockholm was on the spotlight from from China to Spain from Russia to the UK due to the riot which engulfed with hundreds of cars set ablaze in much of the suburbs of the town. One of the reasons why I didn't write about it was I just wanted to see how the events develop and the other reason is that I feel like to sit back and see these episodes as an outsider (who lives far from these areas) and as insider as someone with immigrant background. Since I am not a social scientist, all my perspectives and views are only based on my observations and what I heard from residents affected by these incidents; and they shouldn't be considered

Monday, May 6, 2013

"I Shall Persevere!" Eskinder Nega's Defiant letter from Kality Prison

I shall persevere!

Eskinder Nega.

So that I may do the deed
that my soul has to itself decreed

Individuals can be penalized, made to suffer (oh, how I miss my child) and even killed. But democracy is a destiny of humanity which can not be averted. It can be delayed but not defeated.