Monday, October 24, 2011

Kudos Filipino workers!

This is one of the very reasons why the rich Saudis banned the recruitment of Filipino house-maids, you showed them that you don't take any nonsense and be treated like slaves-thumbs up once again. Unfortunately or fortunately, they're not short of supplies, recently the Saudis revealed their about their plans to import thousands of Ethiopian housemaids to satisfy the ever increasing demands and there's no other best place other than Ethiopia where the country is selling its children to the least bidders as if the sufferings/killings/maims/body mutilations of Ethiopian housemaids in the middle-eastern countries over several years were not enough. Sadly, most of our girls and women are poor, illiterate, desperate and innocent and that's why they were/are subjected to enormous amounts of such abuses by their "employers" for too long and I'm sure fellow expat workers from other countries follow your suits and fight for their rights, freedom, dignity. Endless physical & verbal abuses, tortures, rapes, imprisonments, exploitations, etc of expat workers by their middle-eastern ''employers'' on daily basis were/are given blind eye by the media because of the cursed petrodollar. Because most of expat workers especially domestic housemaids are uneducated, desperate, poor and vulnerable, they're the easiest preys of greedy ''agents'' and their clients in the middle-east. This should ring an alarm bell to the riches of mid-east countries that they will pay a heavy price for every single human-being they abused, mutilated, raped, starved, enslaved, disfigured, exploited without payments, etc sometime soon. The choice is theirs if they want to die ungracefully like their pariah Gaddafi.

‘Overseas Filipino workers joining ‘occupy’ movement abroad inevitable

Thus, said today by a Filipino migrants’ rights group in the Middle East as the ‘occupy’ movement around the world gains support from various groups and sectors denouncing ‘corporate greed’ by big businesses and establishments who got control most of a nation’s wealth.
“The birth of an ‘occupy’ movement in major cities of Third World countries including the Philippines, given the dire socio-economic condition of the workers who are exploited and oppressed, is almost expected,” Monterona ended. # # #
Written by:
John Leonard Monterona
Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator

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