Monday, October 24, 2011

Good luck Ali Talebs, but...

Ali Talebs, an Iraqi asylum seeker journalist who was about to be deported last week, got a decision that his case might be seen again by the Swedish immigration board. He sought asylum because of the death threats he received from some of Islamic factions in his home country Iraq some years ago but also followed him even to this country. But all this was not enough for the authorities, it's amazing. They took him to the detention center south of Sweden but due to the pressure from Sweden's branch office of Reporters sans Frontiers and others, they agreed to reopen his case.I hope this time his ordeal will end enjoy life freely.
When I read such news once in a while I can see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel; otherwise it's so gloomy and hopeless. I'm stuck where I was 6yrs ago and I don't even know where to start or to end. I lost my past and future, it's the price I'm paying every single day hoping to live in freedom and I know there're millions of people who are in the same or even worse situations. It feels like everyday is a bad nightmare which never ends, my hands are tied, my mouth is sealed, my eyes blindfolded and I was wondering how long should I bare this pain. Life is too short and I'm not any younger, is it time pack up and face the inevitable or die slowly longing for that freedom which I may never experience? Damn, you do it, damn you don't do it as the saying goes. I'm just tired...
Utvisningshotade journalisten Ali Taleb får ny chans
Den utvisningshotade irakiske journalisten och filmaren Ali Taleb får sitt ärende prövat igen. Det beskedet kom från Migrationsverket under fredagen.
– Det är mycket glädjande och nu hoppas att jag att Migrationsverket går igenom Alis fall ordentligt och inser att han har fullgoda skyddsskäl, säger Barbara Alhachami, Ali Talebs juridiska ombud.
Enligt Migrationsverkets beslut så skulle Ali Taleb ha skickats tillbaka till Bagdad tillsammans med flera andra irakier tidigt på onsdagsmorgonen i förra veckan. Men dagen innan fick Ali Taleb, som då tagits av polisen till förvar i södra Sverige, besked...

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