Saturday, October 22, 2011

Don't forget the Ethiopian Journalists jailed along with Johan & Martin!!!

Thanks for your detailed reportage about Ethiopia's infamous ''anti-terrorist law'' and one of its masterminds aka Berket Simon. I heard his partner in crimes-Meles Zenawi- this morning saying that Ethiopia's “anti-terrorist” is a direct copy of such laws of England and the USA but we've never seen these countries arresting their citizen journalists who're interviewing/interviewed leaders of terrorists organizations including Osama Bin Laden-the most wanted and recently killed terrorist in the world. These people are pathological lairs who say something in the morning and negate in the afternoon. It's not about breaking/respecting the law; it's rather how to flex their muscles to everybody including their allies in Europe and America and thereby give a lesson to everyone they're not to mess with. Having said, your report was below my expectations because I was expecting you would mention about other Ethiopian journalists such as Eskinder Nega, Reyoot Aelmu & Woubshet Taye who are jailed with the same charges of Johan & Martin; unless some follow-up stories sometimes ahead. Almost half of the airtime was given to the causes of ONLF which I don't have problem with but I was wondering if you are trying to execute what Johan & Martin were unable to do. I was so hopeful to listen about the chilling effects of this ridiculous law on Ethiopian journalists and the lack of freedom of speech in that country.Here's the link for the full reportage

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