Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A country founded by refugees, is deporting refugees.

Wow, what a day even Israel forgets its past and sending back Eritrean refugees to endanger their lives? The world never gets any better for the refugees. This is one of the worst ridiculous justifications I ever heard to deport refugees without even considering how  human rights records both countries are deteriorating every single day. It doesn't matter from which country they claimed they come from, it's a well documented fact that Ethiopia & Eritrea are led by war time partners turned out arch-foe nemesis dictators who came to power 20yrs ago. These duo tyrants are best known power mongers, human rights abusers, killers, jailers who're starving their own people and running their respective countries with iron grip where dissent and criticism of their brutal regimes are not only crimes but also an excuse to kill, jail, harass, torture, rape and starve. I thought Israel knows best what's going on in these two countries due to its proximity and is one of the safe haven to refugees; it proves me wrong. How could they send back Eritrean youths to one of prison-states in the world where there's indefinite forced military service, no freedom of expression nor religion, no constitution, modern slavery and deliberate food deprivation. I thought Israel, a country founded Jewish refugees across the globe, is the last country to deport refugees. History will judge you for every man/woman's life you put in danger. Don't forget what goes around, comes around.  Eritreans turned down for asylum after Ethiopia claims refugees as their own - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


  1. Shame on you israels government.I think it is not for first time.Israel don't likes Ethiopians and Eritrians people!

  2. Selam Getu,
    thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. So, do you live in Israel? Would you please post/link of such similar discriminatory incidences against Ethiopian/Eritrean refugees by Israeli authorities? Have a nice day and hope to see you again.