Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Eskinder Nega is a journalist, not a terrorist" : Wife

Serkalem Fasil, Eskinder Nega's wife uploaded the following YouTube video message as part of Amnesty International's campaign for the release of her husband and other Ethiopian prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia's notorious prisons across the country. Nega was jailed two years ago and now serving 18 years of jail term with trumped-up terrorism charges at the infamous Kality prison, in the outskirts the capital Addis Abeba. Fasil and their son Nafkot (who was born in prison, while both of his parents were jailed following the 2005's rigged election), have fled Ethiopia and are now living in the United Sates of America. They were not even allowed to have a proper farewell with Eskinder Nega. Can you imagine saying goodbye for good to your loved one by just locking your fingers and with a few words? No hugging, no kissing, not even shaking hands. That is how Sirkalem and their Son Nafkot departed from Eskinder Nega; we take so many things in life for granted.

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