Monday, December 9, 2013

Israel Reportedly to Deport 500 Ethiopians as of Next Year

Unlike those deported from Saudi, these migrants could get a total of 35m Br in compensation

The pro government Ethiopia's business weekly Fortune quoted Ethiopia's ambassador to Israel that deportation of Ethiopian migrants in that country is to happen within a short period of time.      
As Ethiopians removed from Saudi Arabia continue filing back into the country, Israel is also planning to deport 500 Ethiopians, possibly as early as January 2014.
Some 60,000 migrants from different African countries – particularly Eritrea and Sudan, which makes up the lion’s share at some 90 percent of the total – have entered Israel in recent years through the Sinai Peninsula. This has led to fears that the Jewish character of the country of 7.8 million is being threatened, as was stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech in May 2012.
In order to assuage those concerns, the country is embarking on a drive to remove the undocumented migrants, which it calls ‘infiltrators’, with incentives designed to encourage voluntary departures. These include 3,500 dollars in compensation for each migrant, in addition to free plane tickets and health care. 
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