Thursday, December 5, 2013

No Lack of Freedom of Speech in Eritrea : Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerahtu told BBC

Seriously Ambassador? Lie, after lie; it just never stops. Have read (of course, you did) what Reporters without Borders written to your President? To refresh your memory, here are some of the accusations against your president.
Issaias Afeworki, Reporters Without Borders accuses you of committing the following crimes: Ordering, together with then information minister Naizghi Kiflu, the closure of all of Eritrea’s privately-owned press and the arrests of at least 13 journalists, newspaper owners and editors in September 2001. Imposing an unrelenting censorship and terror on the state media – including Eri-TV, radio Dimtsi Hafash (Voice of the Masses) and the Hadas Eritrea – which are the only media allowed in Eritrea. Masterminding and allocating major financial and technical resources for the jamming of the satellite signal of Radio Erena, an independent exile radio station broadcasting to Eritrea from Paris. Responsibility for the surveillance and harassment of the few foreign media correspondents based in Asmara until they all left. You share this responsibility with Ali Abdu, your acting information minister for nearly ten years (who fled the country in November 2012), and his close collaborator, Amanuel Hadgu.
pro-governement daily

Icing on the cake, three of your journalists who fled from the country on the "right track" with abundant freedom of expression to Uganda, were honored on December fourth ( a day before you gave this interview) for their extraordinary courage in continuing to report about government corruption and gender inequalities among others. Mr. Ambassador fool us once, shame on you; but fool us twice shame on us!

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