Saturday, January 4, 2014

TPLF will charge Ethiopian Officials who give Interviews to ESAT with Terrorism

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT)ESAT (The Ethiopian Satellite Television), a foreign based media outlet, disclosed this yesterday quoting its insiders from TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front) that any official who is caught giving interviews to the dissident network will be charged with terrorism. According to ESAT's sources, giving interviews to ESAT is one of the criterion with which the officials will be scrutinized/evaluated for their performances. It was learnt that this directive was circulated to Public Relation's officers, security officers, public officials and communication workers. The directive came because those who give interview to ESAT not only legitimize its existence but also encourage others to follow suit. The officials also ordered not to give interviews to foreign medias like Voice of America, Dutch Welle Services including some online news outlets. According to ESAT, the directive was prepared by the National Information and Security Agency in collaboration with the Government Communication Agency. ESAT noted that further details about this new directive will be updated in the coming days.           

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