Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ethiopian Pop-star Teddy Afro with renowned African artist released a new Single

Aller Teddy Afro Aller!
Teddy Afro in collaboration with renowned African artist has released a new singleIt seems like the sky is the limit for Tewodros Kassahun aka Teddy Afro whose recent nationwide tour to spread love and harmony was cancelled due to malicious propaganda by TPLF operatives at home and its gullible diaspora self-proclaimed "representatives" of Oromo people in Ethiopia. Teddy Afro and Ethiopia's 20th century progressive leader Emperor Menelik II were vilified with fabricated rumors and allegations just a week ago. Before these groups start to enjoy their hateful "success" Teddy Afro vindicated with a  tour in collaboration with renowned African artist has released a new single from Coke studio. The song entitled “Togetherness” aims to bring friendship and brotherhood among Africans! Hmm, so hater are you going to boycott this as well? lol
Meanwhile Teddy’s world cup song is to be released very soon. Africa Unite! One Love! In celebrating Coke Studio Africa, the artists come together with a musical message for Africa, calling for unity amongst Africans on the Season 1 Finale.
Coke Studio Africa is convergence of a diverse number of prominent African artists coming together to combine various genres of music from all over Africa.


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