Thursday, January 2, 2014

Discovery of Mass-grave in Addis rocked TPLF warlords and shocked Ethiopians

Ethiopian regime secret execution siteECADF ( Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum) reported about the alleged mass-grave quoting South African based The Horn Times Newsletter today. According to the reporter, the mass-grave which was discovered on the eve of European New Year mortified Army chief-of-staff Gen Samora and Deputy PM D. Mekonen were spotted leaving the third battalion barracks, TPLF’s secret execution site for many years.
Despite the regime’s massive cover up campaign, intimidation and open threat of secondary mass grave for the accidentally exhumed corpses in order to avoid investigation or to conceal evidence of the mass murder; Ethiopians winced in terror when the news of the discovery of mass grave in Addis Ababa traveled across the vast nation exposing the savagery; atrocities and duplicity of the current ruling minority junta, – largely of Tigre coterie.
The gruesome discovery was made on Friday 27 December and Saturday 28 December 2013, between Sidist- Kilo and Ferensay- legasion areas at Jan-Meda, inside the barracks of the third army battalion when an excavator working for road expansion project pulled out two corpses wrapped in same color blankets and again another four corpses each wrapped in blankets of identical colors.
Eyewitnesses who got to the area and took the photos before the federal police cordoned off the vicinity told reporters that two of the corpses were still in hand-cuffs and one of the victims had his hands tied behind his back. Read more

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