Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ethiopian Man accused of spying for dissident diaspora media sentenced to 4 years in prison

Man accused of spying for ESAT sentenced to four years in prisonDireTube, an Ethiopian video sharing website quoting a local oppositional newspaper Sendek said that Mikiyas Nigatu of the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise’s Gambella Airport Security personnel, who was charged by the federal prosecutor for delivering sensitive information to the ESAT journalist named Fasil Yenealem for 4,460 Br is sentenced to four years in prison by the Federal High Court’s Fourth Criminal Bench on January 20, 2014.
Mikiyas who has failed to defend himself against a 10 page written document from his e-mail and three pictures from his cell phone has been giving various information to the ESAT television station which was deemed by the Ethiopian government as “a media outlet for the terrorist group Ginbot 7” The charge indicates that Mikiyas has provided information about foreign investors who were killed in the Gambella region and other very sensitive security related materials.

Source: DireTube

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