Monday, November 18, 2013

TPLF shuts down Ethiopia's Consulate in Riyadh when Desperate Citizens Needs It More

Saudi-Arabia, one of the major destinations for millions of desperate migrant workers from Asia and Africa, intensified its war against Ethiopians over the past weeks. Saudi's security police and the Shabab (youth) vigilantes are on rampage killing, torturing, raping, imprisoning and starving these helpless and defenseless Ethiopians. Large numbers of Ethiopians were killed, kidnapped, tortured and unaccounted for over the couple of days, since the Saudi government started rounding off undocumented migrant workers. Against this background Ethiopia's Riyadh consulate announced yesterday that it was shut down indefinitely. This is how much the rulers at Arat killo Palace cared and concerned about their powerless nationals whose safety and security is at stake. Thousands of these compatriots lack papers to stay in Saudi and/or repatriate back home; the consulate added salt to their wounds by abandoning them in the hands of heartless and barbaric Saudi police and its militia. If this is not treason, then what would be? The women in the following video were kidnapped and are being gang-raped by twenty Saudi  men who killed their
brothers in front of their eyes. And yet, TPLF has the luxury to shut down these compatriots' only one way ticket back home. These rulers not only defended Saudi's action against Ethiopians but also harassed and jailed patriot Ethiopians who dared to voice to the voiceless in front of the Saudi embassy in the capital Addis Abeba.
TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front) led Ethiopian rulers, I think, are the most caring governments towards its citizens in the world. It made a deal to export 45 thousands desperate women and girls per month to the Oil and gas rich Arab monarchy two years ago. It showed its sympathy and empathy by leasing lands almost the size of Belgium at dirt price to Asians and Saudis by uprooting tens of thousands of Ethiopians from their ancestral holdings. It showers Ethiopian children with compassion and love by selling
them to foreign adopting parents (without any background checks) some of whom starved them to death, physically and sexually abused them. Thanks to TPLF, the economy grows at 11%; democracy is abundant and the rule of law is triumphing in Ethiopia and as a result tens of thousands of Ethiopians are risking their lives by crossing the Sahara desert, Mediterranean and Red seas. Thousands of them became numbers in the deserts and jungles from the Sudan to Mozambique, from Shara to Yemen. Others were eaten by sharks of Mediterranean and Red seas while the remaining "lucky ones" either bonded with Bedouin human traffickers in the Sinai or Yemeni Gangsters. Other few "lucky ones" who made it to the Middle-eastern oil and gas rich countries, found themselves in an endless nightmares being chased by local police and self-proclaimed Shabab vigilantes. 


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