Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ethiopians in Sweden outraged over Violence against Migrant Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

Over 300 Ethiopians who reside in Sweden went to street today here in Stockholm, to express their anger and sadness over the recent killings, rape and arbitrary detention of migrant Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. The 2 hours protest took place in front the Saudi Embassy in the afternoon and the demonstrators urged the Saudi government to stop the unprecedented violence and abuse which mainly target innocent Ethiopian migrant workers in that country. The protesters were chanting slogans such as 'shame on you'; 'we need justice'; 'stop raping our sisters'; 'stop killing our sisters and brothers' among others. Saudi Embassy officials refused to accept a letter which was prepared by the organizers to be submitted to the Saudi King. Ethiopians who allegedly don't have residence/work permit have been rounded up and are now concentrated in the desert. The atrocity against Ethiopians detained in different concentration camps in Saudi Arabia has been going on for the past five days by security authorities and vigilantes who took the law into their hands. Two Ethiopians have been allegedly killed yesterday during a scuffle of separating a husband and wife. The Ethiopian government which is supposed to protect the security and safety of Ethiopians at home and abroad has done little or nothing to stop the ongoing violence against its thousands of citizens in the middle-eastern countries. Even though, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed the violence against Ethiopians toned down after discussion with its Saudi counterparts, Ethiopians who reside in the petrol-rich country refuted this claim as baseless and intended to repair the damage. Some of these Ethiopians who are themselves in the various concentration camps in Saudi deserts told Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT) that, neither the government nor the Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi doing nothing to rescue their lives and bring them home safely.    

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