Sunday, November 24, 2013

Infographics about Global Ethiopians' Demonstration against Saudi's Brutality

The protest started in the Saudi-Arabia on November 9/2013, a hell on earth for many migrant workers, by Ethiopians who resisted Saudi's police brutality who inflicted an imaginable pain. This sparked a global protest by Ethiopians around the globe to urge Saudi authorities to stop such gross human right abuses, killings and rape against helpless and defenseless migrant workers with the pretext of regularizing "illegal" migrants workers in that country. Ethiopians from Edmonton, Canada to Soul, South Korea; from Melbourne, Australia to Washington D.C., USA; from Addis Abeba to London, UK went to the streets of their respective cities to express their outrage. So far, roughly thirty thousand Ethiopians and origin of Ethiopians have participated, the majority, obviously in North America. November 18/2013 was the largest crowd recorded, nearly ten thousands Ethiopians in various countries around the world said LOUD & CLEAR to stop Saudi-Arabia its barbaric practices against Ethiopians. Ironically, hundreds of our compatriots in Ethiopia, who tried to show their solidarity with fellow suffering citizens in Saudi-Arabia, were beaten and then arrested by the ruling TPLF. However, Ethiopians who live abroad vowed to go and make noise at Saudi Embassies everywhere in the world until that country stops its crimes.      

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