Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IOM aids over 21,000 Ethiopian returnees from Saudi Arabia

IOM Ethiopia has assisted over 21,000 Ethiopian returnees arriving home on Ethiopian government charter flights from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) over the past 12 days, following a KSA crackdown on undocumented migrants.
Ethiopia began bringing migrant workers home from the KSA on November 13th. It is now flying up to 12 charters a day from the KSA to Addis Ababa.
Four processing points have been set up by the government, with support from IOM, to assist the returnees. IOM provides them with overnight accommodation, food, water, shoes and money for transport to their places of origin.
IOM indicated that it will need approximately
USD 4.5 million to adequately support 30,000 returnees. This figure could increase in coming weeks depending on the actual number of arrivals. To read more Click here

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