Friday, April 13, 2012

Is the West Obsessed with awarding Ethiopian "Terrorist"?

Sorry, I don't want to confuse you so I just want to clarify this: when I say "terrorist", I meant to say these bunch of Ethiopian "terrorist" journalists who tried/are trying to "overthrow" Ethiopia's constitution using various lethal weapons like pens, papers as well as PCs- a very dangerous state of the art artillery. Eskinder Nega, is among one of them who used to incite violence by concluding his postings like this "fight Tyranny behind your PC". Even though, he was advised to stop his terrorist activities several times; he nevertheless continued his malicious and atrocious cyber crimes with the help of a PC. Our developmental and democratic government run out of its patience last September and jailed this "terrorist" (thanks to our efficient and the best ever intelligence service in the world) and if convicted will face death sentence: can you imagine how many millions of Ethiopians including me would sleep peacefully? After over 114 "terrorists" including two Swedish journalists have been arrested since last year in March; Ethiopia becomes one of the safest place in the world to live. But wait a minute, against this background; I read a very disturbing and upsetting story this morning
which said Pen American Center named this "terrorist" Journalist as its winner of the 2012 Pen Barbra Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award. Oh gash, this is so typical American hypocrisy, double standard and backstabbing. How could they betray our benevolent government which is one of their government's best "counter-terrorism" ally? Just in case you don't know; our government fought/is fighting two of America's proxy wars in Somalia. Besides, our "anti-terrorism" law was copied word for word from theirs. Awarding journalists charged with "terrorism", is how the Americans payback to our favors? This is not the first time the west betrayed us in just a span of less than 10 years.
Dawit Kebede another Ethiopian "terrorist" journalist who was jailed until 2007 for treason, was one of  the four journalists who won CPJ's  2010 International Press Freedom Awards. I can give you many lists but it's unfair if I don't mention another betrayal against Ethiopians by the west; guess whom the International Women's Media Foundation awarded its 2007 Courage in Journalism Award? It was Sirkalme Fasil, the wife of the jailed "terrorist"

journalist Eskinder Nega. Just in case you don't remember her, Fasil was jailed and gave birth in prison, after firing her pen following the 2005 "fair and free election" in Ethiopia. Shame on CPJ, shame on you Pen American and shame on you the whole world; how come you never gave awards just once to one of the best developmental and talented writers? This world is so unfair; really unfair. We'd ENOUGH of hypocritical obsession of awarding and honoring Ethiopian "terrorist" journalists. It's high time to rectify this unforgivable mistakes. Who's next on your list for 2050 ( I hope to be alive and witness this:)). Let me guess Berket Simon? Seiko Ture? Shimeles Kemal? Meles Zenawi? For writing, directing and producing the best ever Ethiopian drama for 2012 called, Akeldama. Happy Easter for my fellow Ethiopian Christians 


  1. Dawit is back in Ethiopia and serving woyane government.he gave full interview for can watch it for yourself on point is Daiwt and few so-called journalists are spys and zelots of woyane.they are underground workers for the regime.they do not deserve prestigious prize for their crime and Dawit and others should return it to owner.we are fooled again and again by Dawit and his friends.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for taking the time to write this comment, as far as Dawit of Awaramba is concerned, he made his downfall and he will be judged by history one day. He showed his true color, opportunist with no integrity who would sell his soul for the highest bidder. I wrote a commentary about his tracheas move following Serkalem Fasil's heart-breaking letter about her imprisoned husband - Eskender Nega. Here is the link. Have a nice day/night