Friday, March 30, 2012

Terrorize or Leave - Norway's Migration Paradox

Oslo District Court decided Muslim extremist Mullah Krekar should be remanded in custody for eight weeks

Ethiopian asylum seeker children to leave, Norway increases aid 

Oslo citizens welcome high immigrant numbers 

Mind you three of these conflicting lead stories were published this month (March) by a Norwegian on-line magazine called 
Mullah Krekar Norway's Spoiled Terrorist
Mullah Krekar, the controversial Islamist, who's been back and forth at court hearings due to his illegal and terrorist activities; has been a household name in that country ever since he founded a terrorist group called Ansar Al-Islam back in early 2000s.  Al though, Mullah Krekar a.k.a. Najmudin Farij Ahmed was naturalized citizen of Norway after he sought political asylum in Norway in 1991; he is biting the hands that feed him by masterminding and participating in various terrorists activities. Eventually the court revoked his Norwegian citizenship and decided to deport him back to Iraq in 2003; however Norway couldn't expel him to-date due to lack of assurance about his "safety" from Iraqi government so the generous, patient and politically correct Norwegian government is babysitting him and his family members at par excellence with tax-payers money. For instance he made death threat  to Conservative Norwegian Party Leader, Erna Solberg in  2010. 

Krekar doesn't spare anybody from terrorizing including people from his native land; he made a fatwa against Kurdish men who burned Koran (Islamic scripture) and uploaded the video on YouTube. This individual is one of the few people who are listed by U.N.  as terrorist. Is it me or to everybody that how on earth such a person who expressed his intent to hurt Norwegians and others as well as participated in terrorist group; and eventually be a threat to the national security; still enjoying life and being treated like first class citizen in the name of humanity is beyond me.   
Rejected Ethiopian asylum seekers inside  Oslo Church 
According the second story the Norwegian government denied the connection between   its aid increment to Ethiopia with its recent repatriation agreement to return 450  kids of Ethiopian political asylum seekers to that country These Ethiopians have been living in Norway peacefully by working hard and paying taxes from 2-20 yearsThe Norwegian government is however using the powerless, defenseless Ethiopian asylum seekers as a fodder/scapegoats to silence the ever increasing anti-immigration sentiment in that country. It's not rocket science to understand Norwegian authorities'paradoxical and very contradictory approaches towards these two diametrically opposite scenarios. Letting an individual who has a greater risk to the national security while spending sleepless nights to endanger hardworking, harmless and peaceful genuine political asylum seekers and their kids; is nothing but utter contempt, double standard and indirect racism to say the least. 
Hallelujah, well last but not least, residents of Oslo welcomed the survey result which revealed that in 2040 half of Norwegian population would be with immigrant background.  If that is the case, why would the government spend such obscene amount of money and resources to deport over 450 kids who know no other home than Norway? 
This shows the ''politically correct'' politicians have double standard attitude who apply universal conventions when it fits them. This whole game might serve a political agenda for sometime but at the end of the day history will judge them for risking innocent and peaceful asylum seekers while keeping a terrorist at their backyard. 
hmm, what about this, Terrorize or Leave???        
Ha det 

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