Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Syrians in Sweden demand foreign intervention.

Early this evening (April 17, 2012) Syrians who reside in Sweden demonstrated in Stockholm to demand for more stronger pressure from international community against Syrian government to stop its killings and imprisonments of innocent Syrian protesters in Syria. Some of the speakers blamed China and Russia which vetoed against the UN's security council sanctions which could have stopped mass killings by Al-Assad's military & security apparatus.

They said Al-Assad regime will survive the existing economic sanctions like his counterparts such as Sadam-Hussien, Moammer Kadafi and many other dictators. Some of the speakers said, Al-Assad only knows one word that's might; so they demand the international community to intervene militarily as it did in Libya to stop the bloodshed by the Syrian regime. According a leaflet distributed by organizers of the protest, over 13 thousand Syrians have been killed; 70 thousand have been injured; around 100 thousand have been imprisoned; over 100 thousand are fleeing to neighboring countries and half a million of them are displaced in their own country ever since the revolution started last year on March 15, 2012. Even though, the Al-Assad regime lifted the 48years old Emergency Law on April 16, 2012; he continued to kill, torture, imprison and displace peaceful Syrian demonstrators across the country. 

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