Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Running out of luck - Surprising Europe - Al Jazeera English

This's so true and heartbreaking to fellow Africans who emigrated searching for better life ended up in solitary confinment here Europe for more than 10 years. What's even more than sad is that thousands of Africans back home risk their lives on the Sahara desert and meditrinean sea every day to get here-some knowning the dangers and some dazzeled either by holywood movies or pix sent from their loved ones/friends from Europe and elsewhere in the world. Life is not easy even for those with papers and sadly the economic crisis makes things worse. Everyday is a struggle, unless you have good reason to seek asylum don't even think of trekking such a dangerous and long journey. If you're seeking for a fortune, it's a dream which may never realize easily until you failed over and over. Sadly, the situation back home for most of us, isn't good either unless we connected to some corrupt officials/businespeople. It's a hard choice between two evils:((( Running out of luck - Surprising Europe - Al Jazeera English

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