Tuesday, September 27, 2011

gulfnews : Maid absconds, alleging abuse by employers

There're thosuands of Hawas who're being abused, humilated, degraded, raped, starved and disfigured every single day at the hands of rich middle-east countries. Unfortunately, the culprits go away with these hideous crimes and the victims will be left to fend for themselves. This episode is not the first and the end unless tough measures/lobbying are made all of us. How many of our sisters, daughters should die, raped, starved, imprisoned, robbed etc before we say ENOUGH is ENOUGH? Sadly, these girls/women would keep on going to those dangerous even if they know life is harsh since the situtation back home is worsening day by day. This's what happens when there's no hope, future, jobs, decent living:(((gulfnews : Maid absconds, alleging abuse by employers

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