Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Öppna Kanal, does it really live-up its Name?

Silence won't solve the problems with a multicultural society

I couldn't agree with you more. I saw some people who has immigrant background with hidden agenda abusing political correctness of this country, especially when it comes to freedom of expression. I heard one Pastor sometime ago preaching his followers on Öppna Kanal (gov't funded TV channel which broadcasts religious, cultural, political programs in various languages in Stockholm area) not to send their kids to public schools which teach sex education and sexuality, evolutionary theories, humanity etc and he strongly recommended them to send their kids to private schools where they will be taught Christian values and morality. This channel is provided with good intention of allowing minorities of this country to send programs in their own respective languages but nobody knows/cares/follows up whether all these programs are being aired everyday are against the values of human rights, science, the rights of women/children/LGBT groups etc or not; because for a starter the programs are being produced and followed by immigrants themselves and most Swedes either don't watch (I wonder if they even know these channel exists) or watch but don't want to comment because they're often too scared to be called racist, Islamphobe, etc if they saw some transgression on those programs. This article is a wake-up call for the management of Öppna Kanal to sit down and discuss with the producers about their programs as well as look in to every details of the broadcast. 

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