Monday, September 26, 2011

I am Eskider Nega, too « Ethiopia: A voice for the voiceless

Yes we're all Ekinder Nega. He has nothing but empathy to his fellow citizens who've been brutalized, dehumanized, starved, killed, imprisoned, forced to exile, raped for the last 20yrs by one of the worst tyrants in the world. He could have been co-opted like many of his counterparts and lead a comfortable life with his wife and son who was born in the prison but he chose to speak out and say a spade is a spade and that's the only crime he committed. TPLFities & its blind supporters go on with the non-stop fabricationed charges against people like Eskender and other opposition members/leaders but remember what goes around, will come around. The era of tyranny is crumbling infront of your eyes and all these charges are just terrorise Ethiopians. It may work for a while but it doesn't save you from the fate of your partners in crimes aka Mubarak, Ghadaffi, Ben Ali, Ali Abdela Salah etc etc. I am Eskider Nega, too « Ethiopia: A voice for the voiceless

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  1. Hi Tedi
    it's me again, sorry i forogt to tell u my name, I'm addis in Stockholm this weekend and then go to Oslo on mondaay, so if u care to meet for a cup of buna shay plz let me know. Yes, we're all Ekinder Nega, absloutely right. these idiots are making our country a eser bet. you know what i mean. but pls take care. good night
    PS sorry, i just don't understand why i can't comment with my profile name. here's my e-mail address