Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ethiopian Refugees' website hacked by Morocco, Really?

Moroccan Kingdom vs Ethiopian Refugees in Sweden
This world is really getting bizarre everyday and now a days nothing seems to amaze me; but this one which I'm talking about, baffles me a lot. Why would a Moroccan Kingdom which has nothing to do with Ethiopian political asylum seekers in Sweden, hacks their website? 
This happened a few weeks ago and one of our members told me to check it out ( I thought he was joking); even though I've seen strangers' names in our web-admins' list a few months ago, I never thought they would go this far. I checked it out et voila,
le royaume de son excellence le Roi Mohammed VI "hacked" our tiny-mini website and posted its emblem embedded with a few seconds audio because our [Ethiopian] government is supporting Polisario, a separatist movement which fights to create the Western Sahara republic. As far as I know we neither have someone from the Polisario:-) nor our website is a proxy of the Ethiopian government; does it sound logical for a Moroccan kingdom paying its techno-savvies to hack a website located in a very far away Nordic country? It doesn't add up and will never in a million years. The Moroccan kingdom has no raison d'être to spend time and money to do such things.
Tiny-mini but LOUD 
Since I'm an insider, let me give you some brief highlights about what our website does and its activities. It was a docile website until the middle of last year; almost all of its menus were "under construction" for over a year, even though it was launched two years ago. With some help we got from a web-administrator of a Swedish socialist party, we gave it life and she has got a semblance of a decent website. She runs issues related from refugee matters to current Ethiopian political affairs at home and abroad. If you don't know much about Ethiopian Refugees in Sweden, it is one of the most vocal and visible civil society organizations which has been holding demonstrations by mobilizing Ethiopians residing in Sweden against the regime in front Ethiopian consulate and various parts of Stockholm. She also publishes her own as well as stories of other Ethiopian diaspora news outlets which expose the crimes of the TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front) regime in Ethiopia. Our visitors increased dramatically, after the face-lifts and it was one of the most visited websites for its updates about Ethiopian current affairs. The Ethiopian Refugee Association also honored the two imprisoned Swedish journalists, immediately after they were released and arrived here in Sweden which obviously pissed-off our friends at Arat Killo palace in Ethiopia. Thanks to China, a hub to internet censorship,  TPLF isn't short of gadgets/personnel to censor and block information at home and abroad.  
What our web-host told us about this latest development is that " even if it's hard to know who exactly  did (hacked) your website, the FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) shows that various methods have been used in the past. From our experience, we highly suspect/recommend the hackers could be either the government [Ethiopian] or people who are against your group/association."  I rest my case and let me know what do you think of this bizarre story.

Hej Assefa, 
även svårt  att veta exakt Vem som gjort  men via FTP vi se någon försökte flera gånger olika metod också tidigare
Vi rekommenderas från vår erfarenhet hela tiden hände antingen regeringen eller personen  motsatte din målgrupp.
Återkom gärna om ni har några frågor eller funderingar. 

Var god bevara historiken om du svarar på det här meddelandet.
Med vänlig hälsning
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