Friday, January 25, 2013

Eritreans in Sweden rally behind army mutineers back-home

More than two dozen Eritreans who reside in Sweden demonstrated in front of their Embassy in Stockholm early this afternoon today (January 25, 2013) to express support to their fellow countrymen from the Army who tried to occupy
the Eritrean Ministry of Information on January 21, 2013 demanding reform and democracy. The protesters also demanded Issaias Afeworki, the man who runs the country with iron-grip for two decades, to step down and release thousands of prisoners of conscience who are imprisoned in various jails across the country. They said they have had enough of tyranny and impunity and called up on the international community to pressure on Afeworki to enact the constitution to the country. Given large numbers Eritrean community in Sweden; the turn out to the rally was modest however it is difficult to know whether this could have been due to the very harsh weather (-11 degree temp) or fear of reprisal by the regime against families/relatives back-home. It's to be recalled the Eritrean Embassy in London was occupied yesterday by Eritrean opposition groups for a few hours. I got one more unexpected surprise from CNNireport in relation today's rally outside Eritrean Embassy; for the first time ever, CNNireport removed my post because it was "flagged" by a community (who else but blind-supporters of PDFJ, the usual suspect). I'll leave the judgement to you if the clip has offensive content which harms the public in any form or shape. Hmm, I will take it as a recognition, who knows our Eritrean compatriots could inspire the African-spring and eventually end tyranny once and for all in our continent.

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