Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eritrea's Information Minister confirms defecting, who's next?

I take Orders, such a lame excuse!
After over two months of secrecy and denials, controversies  surrounding his whereabouts, the Eritrean Information Minister and Issais Afewerki's right-hand man, confirms his defection yesterday to a Swedish tabloid called Expressen. You remember months of media saga about the health of our late beloved prime-minister? It's like father like son:). I don't know if Abdu has a double or still serving as
a Minister of Information; the website says otherwise. Let me go back to Mr. Abdu, here's a very interesting twist: he told his defection via his brother, Salih Younis, who runs an Eritrean opposition website (which by the way, compromised right now) in the U.S.A. The whole interview is just baffling, Abdu a devout PFDJ (People's Front Democracy & Justice, BIG SIGH) cadre who has been defending his friend in Arms (Afewerki) as early as last year is now all of a sudden realized and becomes saddened how a generation of Eritreans have lost due to the regime he has been with for the last two decades, how plausible is that? He said he doesn't know about the whereabouts of Dawit Issak, the Eritrean-Swedish journalist adding that the only person who has knowledge of the jailed journalist is the president, oh really? How come so? Because in Eritrea, "it's a taboo to ask questions which are none of ones business"!!! I thought one of the business of the Minister of Information is to check and follow up the safety and security of its employees who-else,  of course the journalists. Nazi officials and followers said they take orders when they brought to Nuremberg Tribunal and Abdu's case is no less different from them. He witnessed or may have even been participated in thousands of extrajudicial imprisonments, killings, tortures, and other human rights abuses for the last twenty years; and now he is trying to absolve himself by pointing finger on the BigMan, is nothing but adding salt to the sores of thousands of his victims at home and abroad. Last but not least Abdu's closest family members are arrested following his defection; hmm karma is such a bitch, isn't s/he? What goes around comes around. Its seems like the two decades old ship is sinking and let's wait and see who is jumping off from her before she completely gone forever and ever. Amen!

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