Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm "SMART" & blending in with the crowd now

My stone-aged:-) crappy Sony-Ericsson cellphone which (heaven knows how old it was) I've been getting in touch with rest of the world, got nuts a few weeks ago for some unknown reason. Honestly, I was really sad for very wrong reasons:-)(don't laugh please) first and for most it used to bring me attention or should I say envious stares from fellow commuters or any hype smartphone users every time I flashed her to do the usual errands you know just strictly making/receiving phone calls and text messages; no surfing, no FaceBooking, no tweeting, no gaming, no iTunning, no face checking etc hahaha. My second reason was that she was really easier to operate and I neither need gazillion time to find and punch the keypads to send text messages nor had a hard time to find out how to save/delete contacts. Last but not least, she saved me from being excessively anti-social; what is there more irritating than two lovers gazing for hours and hours on their individual toys when it supposed to be "just the two of us" dinner date.
I'm not sure if I'm gonna be obsessed with this new gadget which I got it for free the day before yesterday from a very special friend who could have sold it for a few thousand Swedish Kroner; thanks my dear, you're one good reason to believe in the existence of humanity in a town where  I thought it was full of human mannequins. Voila, I'm now blending in with the crowd and saying goodbye to my dummy-phone which I honestly believe she wasn't. Well, I'm gonna miss my uniqueness until the crowd comes with something "smart", "cool" or whatever it is. One thing I'm sure is that I'll be nostalgic of the simplicity of old-fashioned communication, you know that adrenaline rushes which bumps into you whenever you feel like in the middle of going somewhere but you have to stay at home/office not to miss that phone-call from a new or ex-lover or your boss or from the job-interview, etc. Please share your first time experience of smartphone and how it changed your life afterwards.                    

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