Friday, November 11, 2011

Blame it on the UK, Ethiopia Charges Opposition Figures, Reporter With Terrorism!

Meles Zenawi already gave the verdict a month ago at his rubber-stamp Parliament; his kangaroo court is nothing but a circus to portray his legitimacy and the prevalence of the rule of law which is otherwise. These people have no shame, otherwise how on earth Ethiopia's best known sluggish judicial system all of sudden charge its ''defendants'' at speed of light. This shows the desperation of Zenawi & co to intimidate the remaining independent journalists, opposition members and above all he is signaling to the duo Swedes that he can do whatever he wants to do. Obviously, this's a preemptive tactic to contain the ever increasing pressure from inside and outside, which in some ways might buy him time but will never spare him from the fate of his fellow dictators. Thanks to Anti-Terrorism Law of England, which our country copied it ''word for word'', three prominent journalists including more than half a dozen opposition leaders and members are now behind bars. Neither English journalists nor opposition figures stopped functioning or the UK government has secret court hearings and prisons for offenders of its ''Anti-Terrorism'' law. The Arab Spring freed Libyans, Tunisians &  Egyptians from decades old shackles and now it's time for Horn Africa's
Autumn might usher us to freedom, dignity and democracy in 2012. It's amazing how much all dictators have such stark similarities regardless of their religious, ethnic, political or ideological backgrounds; from Iran to Yemen; from Kirghistan to Ethiopia; from Eritrea to Zimbabwe; all of them want nothing but power at any cost. It doesn't matter how many people should die, starved, tortured, imprisoned, raped as long as they secure power indefinitely. EPRDFties might delay the tide but they can't stop it. No one had imagined that tyrants like Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gadaffi would fall from their throne this fast and unexpected. They trampled on their fellow ''citizens'' rights, make a mockery of the justice system and looted their country's economy to the bone but eventually they paid a heavy price including with their lives. Meles, it's still not late, learn from the downfall of your partners in crime otherwise what goes around, comes around. You can fill up your infamous prisons to their limits, kill, blunder, torture, starve innocent Ethiopians but remember Not America, Not Norway, Not EU will save you when the tide arrives.

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