Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaking News: Ethiopia's ''Mohammed Bouazizi'' died yesterday

Ethiopia's '' Bouazizi''
set himself on fire on 11/11/11
His name is Yenesew Gebre, 29, Ethiopian elementary school teacher at a small village called Waka in Southern region of the country. He was fired and then imprisoned along with over 90 residents of the village last month by local officials for demanding the rule of law, good governance, and other human rights issues. He was released after the court couldn't find evidence against him while it kept the rest of the protesters including the elderly under police custody. Yenesew immolated himself on 11-11-11 in front of the local administration office in protest against the rulings of the court which still keep the rest of the prisoners. Unfortunately Yenesew died yesterday afternoon at a local hospital, called Terecha. Residents of Waka told VOA Amharic service yesterday that
local officials forbidden, not only his relatives and friends from visiting him while at the hospital but also forced his body to be buried  in Terecha town even though his relatives asked to bury him in his home town Waka, so as to avoid the escalation of the resistance. VOA's Amharic Service tried to reach local officials but to no avail due to complete telephone disconnection in Waka adding that the town is on high security alert.  According to his close friends, colleagues and students, this young Ethiopian man was a very well respected teacher who was against any form of injustice and human rights abuses. Our ”Bouzizi” aka Yeneswe Gbere, started the fight against tyranny, corruption malgovernance, nepotism, favoritism, human rights of abuses and who knows, the Autumn tide may start from there and engulf the whole nation to usher us to freedom, democracy and the the rule of law in 2012. 11-11-11 is going to be the beginning of Ethiopians' struggle against Meles Zenawi's brutal dictatorial regime It’s clear TPLF’s system founded on deceit, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and gross human rights violation is cracking down day by day and Waka has started its resistance against one of EPRDF's diseases. No matter how much Zenawi & his subservient thugs are trying to cover up this resistance by residents of Waka, this young man dared to sacrifice his life for a noble cause on 11/11/11 and eventually this may bring Autumn Revolution to the horn of Africa where tyrants in Ethiopia, Eritrea & the Sudan, are killing, starving, imprisoning, torturing, and intimidating their fellow ''citizens'' with impunity for more than two decades.  Meles Zenawi’s kangaroo court charged as terrorist 6 Ethiopian journalists and over a dozen opposition figures last week with cooked up evidences. Woubshet Taye of Awramba Times and Reeyot Alemu of Fith newspapers and other opposition figures made complaints about torture while in custody, which is quite normal under dictatorial regimes, but the supposedly ''independent'' court didn't do anything to investigate these serious allegations, well nobody expect them to do so. Even though, the court dropped (of course by remote control from Menelik II’s Arat Kilo Palace) its terrorism charges against Martin & Johan; Meles & his cronies continue intimidating the remaining critical journalists to STOP WRITING and one of their latest causalities is Abebe Tola otherwise known as by pen name as Abe Tokichaw (which in Oromifia, one of Ethiopia's local languages,  means the one & the only one), a prominent Ethiopian columnist & satirist of Awramba Times who fled to Kenya due to unprecedented pressure from cadres of the ruling party asking him to work as a double agent. Ethiopia's rouge government can get as low as it can be as long as it serves its purpose; they think everybody has no integrity, moral or conscience and this's a small indication that the country is ruled by people who are morally corrupt and have neither shame nor self-respect.  

Breaking News: ESAT reports that Teacher Yenesew Gebre has burned himself: Breaking News: ESAT reports that Teacher Yenesew Gebre has burned himself up in a southern town of Waka in Ethiopia tired of Prime Monster Ashebir Zenawi.
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