Friday, November 4, 2011

If it was Zimbabwe...

This's so typical predictable and laughable behavior of TPLF, it's always the police who is their witness to corroborate the ''cooked up charges''. Meles Zenawi & his stooges used their self-serving kangaroo court to deceive the world about the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law which are otherwise. They've such a short memory and gullible arrogance that they apply the same trick over and over thinking the rest of the world would believe what they're saying/doing at face value. How on earth journalists with camera train guerrilla fighters? It doesn't matter how many times they make a fool of themselves; otherwise they charged leaders of opposition parties and civil societies, peaceful demonstrators including journalists with treason and genocide after they themselves rigged the 2005 election and then in its aftermath killed over 200 people. A year or two later they accused Ethiopian pop star Teddy Afro with ''hit & run'' charge by placing a corpse on a road  he was driving home after arriving in Addis from a foreign tour. There're hundreds of such similar politically motivated cases unfortunately Johan Persson & Martin Schibbye are
their latest non-Ethiopian victims. It sounds cruel but the imprisonment of  the duo Swedish journalists  is a blessing in disguise so that the west now feels the heat we've been through for the last 20yrs. It's not the fact that  Johan & Martin  broke the law or helping the terrorist; it is rather showing the world that Meles & co. can drag  this case as long they want to, otherwise there're many similar cases or even worse which were ignored either because the defendants were harmless or they happened to be their accomplices. Neither Kaliti nor Makelawi are cosy prison with the basic amenities like in Sweden and unfortunately or fortunately  Johan & Martin  were at the right/wrong time and place but soon or later (at most 1yr) will be released after they serve Zenawi's political and egoistical purpose. But one day they will share their horrific experiences (I hope they'll survive all the ordeals which becomes a norm for many Ethiopian inmates) to the world.  In the meantime Meles will continue flexing his muscle against anybody and everybody who tries to defy his criminal behavior which is quite common among any rouge regimes. Tyrants never ceaze to amaze the world with their fabricated lies until their last breath and Zenawi is no different. Fortunately, this scenario didn't happen in Zimbabwe; otherwise things would have been a lot more different by now. Isn't time the west to stop its double standard and say NO to tyrants like Meles to avoid unnecessary costs which are being paid by people who're subjected to dictatorial regimes everywhere in the world?

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