Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't MISS Ethiopia's Censorship talent-show!

A winner will
-Eat dinner with the top management team of INSA
- Get scholarship or
- Create his/her own cyber security organization
- Join INSA
200,000 birr is allocated for the award
Also available at 

Isn't this advert really dazzling and awesome; just in case you wonder, it's a talent show orchestrated by the Ethiopian Information Security Agency (INSA) alias known by many Ethiopians as Censorship-in-chiefs and Phone trespassers Agency inviting eligible cyber geeks to come up with,
 hmm let me guess: state of the art gadget which can censor and trespass over eighty million Ethiopians at home and abroad or else those who can set-up Ethiopian version of Weibo (akin a hybrid of microblogging or twitter)  and Youku (copy of YouTube) like China (our partner in crimes) or techno-savvy visionary citizens who have the capacity to invent an appliance which can block/jam/censor/filter with just one click all incoming information from Ethiopian diaspora and foreign media outlets, blogs and any kind of websites which promote freedom of speech, the rule of law, human-rights and other related issues. Voila, if you have any and/or all of these talents, grab this once in a life time chance hmm to have dinner extravaganza with the architects of CENSORSHIP & TRESPASSING Co., or get a scholarship to the hub of internet censorship otherwise known as China or be in the bandwagon of INSA to harass, intimidate and muzzle of eighty million Ethiopians. Last but not least you can also win 200 grand ETB (Ethiopian Birr); well, it's not big but you know at least it  is fast and easy money though the value of Birr is depreciating at an alarming rate these days:). If you have the gut win this talent show and create your own cyber security agency; isn't sound like suicidal for INSA to have a competitor. Oh I'm sorry, Ethiopia has been following "free market economy" for the last two decades and competition is good for millions of Ethiopian customers to choose between the two to get censored, trespassed:). Such grand talent show is choreographed and directed with foreign aid and/or taxpayers' money exhorted from millions of poor, voiceless of Ethiopians to silence them; what an irony and what bitter joke, what a payback!  

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