Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breaking News Alert! Divine Ethiopian police officers can arrest even those in HEAVEN!

TPLF Police officer: "it doesn't matter if you're in Washington or heaven; I'll come and get you."
TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front) police officers will start soon arresting every journalists on earth including those in heaven.  This surprising and breaking news was revealed yesterday while journalist Solomon Kifle of the Voice of of America-Amharic service (VOA)staff member tried to find about the allegation of Ethiopian Muslims of the capital city Addis Ababa who complained to
the radio station about the alarming increase of their houses being searched and properties confiscated at wee hours of the night without court warrant by masked people who claimed to police officers. Let me get this straight, according VOA's Solomon Kifle Ethiopian Muslims told him about the alleged illegal exclusive search & confiscation of properties targeting them. So, the veteran VOA Amharic news-reporter called police authorities in Addis to verify these allegations; funnily, the police officer at Bole Airport denied all the allegations and finally worked up and blurted at like this:

Police officer"Stop calling with this number, otherwise I'll come and arrest you" 
Journalist Kifle"But I'm living and calling from Washington, DC in America". 
The officer: "it doesn't matter if you're in Washington or heaven; I'll come and get you."

If  this Divinity of the Federal police part of Ethiopia's five years Growth & Transformation Plan, as an Ethiopian and fellow human-being we are making such a huge strand and we should all be PROUD to have such officers with unparalleled divine power. Can you imagine what present day TPLF police officers can do to ordinary Ethiopians, if they have the audacity to say arrogantly I can arrest you to journalist who is thousands of miles away and did nothing but asked an explanation for an alleged illegal practices which targeting a certain community? This isn't a random incident; this is how millions of defenseless and helpless Ethiopians are being treated with impunity with thugs who believe and assert with such contempt and arrogance that they can do whatever they want do whenever, whenever and to whomever. Adius Democracy, Adius the RULE of Law.  

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