Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is it me or the "smartphones" aren't really "smart"?

As you may remember, I got my first ever smartphone a few weeks back and I'm blending into the "smart" crowd. Before I knew it, I just can't help but hooked up to my new toy:-), you know the usual, just trying to figure out some of the tricks how to sort out some problems, tweeting, facebooking,  playing games ( I missed the station I was supposed to get off while playing my favorite gran turismo video game last week). If anybody uses these gadgets, they really make life easier and do some magic with some exception. For example, one can download very many apps like video editors, photo editors and thousands of other apps to execute jobs that might take a lot of time, energy, expertise and money. I downloaded this video editor app which can trim images, as well as enables you to grab still pictures from those videos you've taken. So, with this background information, I went yesterday night to attend Selam Festival's (an entertainment/promotion organization based in Stockholm which has been bringing many artists from all the world to Sweden) 15th anniversary, leaving behind my borrowed camera home thinking that I would look cool & smart with my "smartphone":-), not really! I was standing and filming those amazing Ethiopian traditional singers and dancers the whole time, while almost everybody was shaking to the tunes. Alas, when the show was finished and I started to check out the images that my "smartphone" I thought captured, I couldn't believe none of them were there! Not even a single 50'' frame! I searched and searched but in vain, I will never forgive myself for being so stupid and relying on something which is called "smart". To make the long story short, I found out later that I should punch the save button every freaking time I finished filming which is not the case with "dummyphones" or my traditional camera. What's the point of making something simple complicated? My job, I suppose was/is just to choose my subjects, a good angle and press record and then the camera do the rest.
I learnt my lesson in a hard way; anyway, I will never leave my camera especially if I've to go to a big event like this one. Happy 15th Birthday Selam; it was really an honor to watch those dancers rocking the entire public. If some kind of devil didn't tell me still-pictures with the "smartphone", I would have ended up coming home empty handed. I think, I've a lot of catching-up for me as far as these "smartphones" are concerned. But, I wonder how many of those people with zero knowledge about technology, are managing their very expensive "smartphones":-) or are these gadgets just a status symbol?           

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