Thursday, November 8, 2012

Americans didn't prove me wrong this time.

This image was taken in Stockholm, Sweden  on the eve of  America's 2012 presidential electio , as part of international CNNiReporters' opinion on U.S.A's election. First of all I would like to thank team CNNiReport for giving me this opportunity to express my choice of America's 2012 presidential candidate. As for the for first question, hmm who in his/her right mind would vote for a person who bashes everybody but the riches. So, my answer is I would have elected Mr. President Obama for his wonderful ideals and values, even though I have some reservations like he didn't put pressure on Ethiopia's late prime minister to release all prisoners of conscious in my home country. The second question is a bit tricky, in American election anything can happen; Americans have a different psyche, do you remember the 2004 election? I never and ever imagined George W. Bush would have had a second term; well the Americans proved me wrong so, the same thing may happen during this election. Fortunately, Americans didn't prove me wrong this time, they learned from their past mistake and elected the right person for the Oval Office. I do hope and wish Mr. Obama will deliver some of his promises from 2008 in his second term to Americans in particular and the world in general. I know everyone of us are expecting him to do so many things before the end of his tenure notwithstanding his enormous local and international challenge. My only demand for him is just to stop pampering and sponsoring tyrants in my home country Ethiopia and other nations across the globe; that really makes a big difference in millions people's lives in those respective countries where these dictators are trumping up human rights, abuse their powers and embezzle millions of aid money with impunity because of their western and eastern backings.   

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