Friday, September 28, 2012

የ2005 ዓ/ም ደመራ በዓል አከባበር በስቶክሆልም Demera in Stockholm

በስቶክሆልም እና አካባቢዋ የሚኖሩ በብዙ መቶ የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን የ2005 ዓ/ም የደመራ በዓል ዝናቡና ብርዱ ሳይበግራቸው ሃግሴትራ በሚገኘው የቅዱስ መድሃኒያለም ቤ/ክ ቅጥር ግቢ በታላቅ ድምቀት ማክሰኞ መስከረም 16/ 2005 ዓ/ም አከበሩ። ምሽቱን የሰንበት ት/ቤት ተማሪዎች እና ዲያቆናት ከበዓሉ ጋር ተያያዥነት ያላቸውን መንፈሳዊ መዝሙሮች አሰምተዋል። አቡነ ኤልያስ በእለቱ ቡራኬ ለምእመናኑ ሰጥተዋል።

Hundreds of Ethiopians residing in Stockholm and its environs celebrated Demera celebrated Demera, an annual religious holiday commemorating the discovery of the True Cross by Queen Helena (Saint Helena) in the fourth century by burning of a large bonfire, here early yesterday evening. This Demera-procession takes place in the early evening the day before Meskel or on the day itself, according to local traditions. Even though the weather was bad, the turn out was much larger than expected; young and old, men and women Ethiopians came in large numbers to celebrate the annual event. Sunday school students and the clergies sang religious songs praising Jesus and the power of the Meskel (i.e. Cross).

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